Thursday, November 22, 2012



My tummy is so full!

With love from:
Doris and Eloise

Wednesday, September 5, 2012

IT'S TIME . . . . .


It seems to me that I have spent
a good portion of the summer getting ready
to teach this fall.

The hooking and wool room has been
re-organized and cleaned.  I have been going
thru many reference books looking
for interesting things to share with my
I found this poem that I want to
share with you.


When dad has worn his trousers out
They pass to brother John.
Then mother trims them round about
and William put them on.

When William's legs to long have grown
The trouser's fail to hide 'em'
So Walter claims them for his own,
and stows himself inside 'em.

Next Sam's fat legs they close invest,
And they won't stretch tighter.
They're turned and shortened, washed and pressed,
And fixed on me . . .  the writer.

Ma works them into rugs and caps,
When I have burst the stitches.
At doomsday we shall see (perhaps).
The last of Dad's old breeches.

Hope all of you are ready for the fall season with it's glorious colors and delightful weather.

Keep those hooks moving!

Monday, September 3, 2012



Where did it go?
I think it sped by when I wasn't looking

There are some wonderful and some not so wonderful 
things about living in Maryland.
The wonderful thing is what happens here
in the summer time.

 Vine ripe tomatoes.  Sweet as sugar.
Then there are the ones we pick before they are
ripe.  Those tasty green tomatoes.
Breaded and fried in bacon grease.
some smoother them in cream gravy,
not me!  Just bring on the tomatoes.
The next to arrive on the scene is our
juicy white and yellow corn.
No sugar added to these ears - they are
already sweet as sugar and
deep enough to really sink your teeth in.

 Then around Memorial Day the piece that 
no one can resist!  Those beautiful blue crabs come
onto the scene.
What great treasures the Chesapeake Bay
offers to us!!

What does one do on a rainy Sunday
in the summer?  They go to Gilligan's
on Pope Creek in Southern Maryland, of course.
 It was raining cats and dogs several Sunday's
ago when our whole family went for a crab
 This has become the family's choice
of a place to celebrate any occasion that summer
brings to us.
We were celebrating granddaughter Vicki's
and husband Curtis' anniversary.
 Here are some things you should know about Gilligan's.
It is approximately a 2 hour drive around the Washington Beltway and down Route 5 into Southern Maryland.
In addition to crabs, they have the best spiced shrimp that
I have ever eaten.
The drive is very scenic and it is an
"all you can eat" menu.
These handsome crabs came home with me.
My hands are still sore from picking them.
However it sure was worth it.  I made 14 Crab cakes
and have them stashed in the freezer.
Ah, Blue crab in the winter.

The say children do not come with an
instruction manual.  However, it is my belief
that every child born in Maryland  comes with
instructions on how to pick crabs and a
road map to Gilligans.

Hope every one has had as great a summer as I have had.
I'm sure Eloise will be reporting on her summer
as soon as the computer is free.

Quote of the day:
Beautiful young people are an accident of nature, Beautiful old people are a work of art.
Eleanor Roosevelt
Until next time, take care.

Friday, August 17, 2012


Night Blooming Cereus

Several years ago, my friend Pat W., gifted
me with a Night Blooming Cereus Plant.  She
assured me that it would be

The first year. after starting a new plant,
it does'nt bloom.  Many plants are this way,
so I did not expect it to bloom.
Knowing nothing about this plant, I did
not know what to look for the second year.
Therefore, I missed the
whole show."  I have had the plant down in the
family room near the sliding doors so that it
could get light without direct sun.  When I finally
went into the family room the dead flowers
were on the floor beside the plant.  It
had had two blooms.

 This is one of the ugliest plants I have ever seen.
It is a distant cousin of cactus.
It needs very little water and care during
the winter months but needs a bit
more to drink during the summer months.
 This is how the bud looks when it is
about a week into its growth.  It starts out as a tiny
"pine cone" shape on the edge of the leaf.
The leaves are quite large and rubbery.
 I consider myself lucky for this year there
were 4 blooms.  As you can see these two
are starting to open.  The process of opening began
about 9pm and the last one didn't open until
about 11:30pm.

 Here are the  two beauties on the
upper level of the plant.
 The aroma filled the whole house!
Just lovely.
 Just look at this beauty!  These blooms are
very large and heavy.
 This is the beginning of the end!  By
about 9am they were gone.  So much beauty
in such a short time.
These are the blooms on the lower tier.
I have to say that I was so thrilled that this plant
bloomed because I thought it would not and
had really neglected it.  It sure was worth
waiting for.  I have taken some cuttings and some
leaves and will try to root them.

In the meantime I have been in the dye pots.
They are like the Siren's call of old, to the sailors. 
I cannot stay away from them.
My friend Traci and I are working together
to "redo" my hooking and wool room.
Until today I did not know how much wool I
had - we carried in the storage containers
from the garage - geesh!!!
A bonanza of goodies.

Quote of the day:
I could not at any age be content to take my place in a corner by the fireside and simply look on.
Eleanor Roosevelt.
I could not just look on either.
Until next time keep a smile and hook on!

Doris and Eloise

Wednesday, July 18, 2012


Yes. these pieces are "off the hook."
Hooking is finished, they are bound
and labeled.

This first rug was hooked by
Lorie S.  Lorie is very proud of her
rug, as she should be.
Prior to hooking this rug her hooking
experience had just involved two small pieces.
This piece was designed by
Becky Mummert.
Becky also does beautiful Redware Pottery.

 This picture shows the beautiful background.
 Lorie used 5 or 6 different shades
of blue and green in her background.
 Since this piece was done with a number 6
cut we thought it best to make the
face as simple as possible.
It turned out to be very effective.
A job well done by a 
learning hooker. 

 This is a small piece done by Margie.
Margie is new to hooking - this is her first
piece.  She bought this in kit form
and started it with very little instruction.
I am very proud of the job she did on
this piece.  The backing in the kit
was a material I had never seen before and
hope to never see again!
It was so tightly woven that you could not see any holes - 
it was a "guess and begolly" as where the
hook should be places.  To complicate
matters the wool was cut with a #6  blade.
All in all, a job well cone.


 Progress continues on my project.  This
pattern is Blue Basket, designed by
Edyth O'Neil.
The colors seem washed out in
these pictures and I don't know why.

This is the left hand side of the rug.
I am just starting to introduce a
variety of dull reds in the flowers,
coupled with some brown/golds.

Well folks, that's it for this update,
Next blog I will tell you about the "Dyeing Bug"
that has bitten me!

Quote of the day -

the only reason people get lost in thought is because it's unfamiliar territory.
Eleanor Roosevelt

Doris and Eloise

Tuesday, July 10, 2012


Yes, its that time of life when you
begin to look back at all of the happy moments 
and some of the not so happy times.
I have long wanted to do a "wall of pictures"
and finally I took the time to
look thru boxes of old pictures.

I decided that I would like to tell the story
of my family.  I was able to find pictures
of my Grandpa and Grandma on
my mother's side as well as so many other
nostalgic pictures that my cup
runneth over!

With the help of Grandson Richard
the wall has been started.  We are using the
walls on the stairway to the
family room.  I wanted the pictures to
be spread randomly as well as
being in all sorts of frames.  I really
like the effect.

This is where started and this wall
is almost full.  Just room for a few more
small things. 
 A slightly different view of the wall.
Center picture on the bottom row
is my birth certificate.
 This is the other side of staircase that
we have just begun to work on.
I have ten more pictures framed and
ready to put on the wall.
 This is my husband, Bob Aymar, at the
age of 19.  This is my favorite picture
of him.
 This is my Dad at age 19.  He had many brothers and
and sisters and always wore "hand-me-downs.  Here
he is modeling his first new suit of clother ever!

 This is my brother Bobby, in his Army
uniform in WW11/  There are patches in
the frame but I am not sure of their
significance.  This photo came to me in a box
of his personal items after his death in

 This is my beautiful mother.  She was a
very special lady, therefore, a very special hand
embroidered frame.
My three lovely grandchildren.  All are now
in their 40's - WOW, where does the time
 My brother in France, November 1945.
  One of the prettiest babies I have ever seen.
This is Kristen, just a few days old.

I have tried to give you a sampling of
what I have on the walls and of what
I have been up to.  I do wish that all of
you could stop by and see the walls
for yourself.  They really tell the story
of four generations of my family, of
which I am very proud.

In addition I have been in the dye pots and will be
doing more as the weather cools.
I also am working on Edyth O'Neals
Blue Basket Pattern.

I hope that everyone is having a wonderful summer.
Keeping cool is a feat in the
weather we have been having.
Eloise wants to remind everyone to drink lots of
water in this sticky weather.  She also
says hello to all.

Quote of the day -
The only reason people get lost in thought is because its unfamiliar territory.
Eleanor Roosevelt
Doris and Eloise

Thursday, June 14, 2012


Indeed school is out in Washington County.
No more school busses to wait for,
no more teacher's dirty looks!

However not all school's are out. 
 I still have two more classes to
teach before our summer adjournment
Thought you might like to know what we 
are doing in our classes.

To begin with, when all of my
students came to me, with the exception of
one) they all were hooking in a primitive
fashion., i.e. using wide cut strips.
Several have changed their minds about using
such a large cut and are now using
#3 and #4 cut.  Will they stick with it?
I don';t know, but at least they have opened their
minds to different types of hooking

 This is Cathy hard at work on her pumpkin
rug.  This is a really cute design.
 This rug is also Cathy's.  Perfect design
for her new grandson's bedroom.
 Closeup of several of the panels.
This is Sunny (and she is "sunny" always smiling).
She is working on a very interest head of a
Tiger.  It is hard to tell just what is happening
in the piece from this picture, but take it
from me, her Tiger eyes are wonderful.

This is Elinor's hand working on a piece
that she started at the Biennial.  It is much further
along than this picture shows and
is a beauty.

 Here are Margie, Lorie and Elinor hard at 
 This is the piece Lorie is working on.
It is a scene of a New England coast line.
This is her first pictorial and she is
doing a great job.  She has used a variety of
cuts in this piece.

 We occasionally have a combined class.
This is a closeup of Cathy's pumpkin rug.
Her black cat is a real cutie.

Just is just a smattering of the work that
has been accomplished this hooking year.
I am very proud of my students, they have accomplished
so much.  Sorry I couldn't show all of the pictures
that I wanted to, and that includes Margies first
piece.  A pair of sheep in the a meadow,
very nicely done for a first piece.

In the mean time, I needed a rest from 
so much fine hooking and I have finished
my Lion rug and started work on "The Blue Basket."
I have promised myself to get back to my
large pictorial when this rug is finished.
In the meantime, I am enjoying this wonderful
weather, warm days. cool nights.  The joy of living in Maryland
in the summer is eating Crabs and our wonderful
sweet corn.  I have indulging myself
in Crabs once a week.  Whoopee!!!!

Quote of the day:
No one can make you feel inferior without your consent,
Eleanor Roosevelt

Doris and Eloise 

Friday, June 1, 2012

THIS AND THAT - - - - -

On my last blog I promised to show more
pictures from the open house at Barb Carroll's.
When I sorted thru the pictures
thee were only this few that I thought you might like.
Sorry, I can't remember the name
of the young lady that was hooking this piece.

 This is a very large piece so it was
hung on the door to the classroom.
I wish this picture had been better - oh well,
it's what I have.
A closeup of her tail.  The scales were
perfectly hooked. 
 Wow!  What an upper body
 Catch that sexy face!

All in all, a great day at Barb Carroll's.
Hope you enjoyed the pics.
So many things have happened in the past few weeks
I could not figure out where to
start this blog - sooooooooooooooo
I decided to do the easy
thing and do a lot of catching up later.

 This lovely basket is hanging on my deck.
 A beautiful mixture of pink and purple
 Don't know the name of these
but the orange and purple are lovely together.
 My favorite flower along the fence
leading to Eloise's play yard.

The pretiest white Iris I have ever seen.
Not too shabby either!

The last few week have surely been busy.
It is so good to feel good again and be able to go
places.  More pictures and more things to
catch up next time.

Quote of the day:
The future belongs to those who believe in thier dreams
Eleanor Roosevelt
Let me remind you that tomorrow is the meeting
day of the Boonsboro ATHA Chapter.  Hope to see you there.