Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Rugs, Rugs, Rugs . . . . . .

On Tuesday I went to the Mason/Dixon Chapter
of ATHA meeting.
They had a most interesting program
which I will tell you about in my next posting.
In the meantime, here are some of the rugs
at the meeting.
 This rug was a second place winner at the Maryland
State Fair and was hooked by
Barbara Twigg.
 This is another of Barb's rugs.  This one
is in porgress.  You could pick this fruit right off
of the backing.
 This adorable lamb is being hooked by
Pat A. for her daughter.  Love the background
 A closeup of this cutie's face.
Pat has some work to do on his scarf and
a good bit of background to finish.  I
believe she plans to make it into a pillow.
This rug was a blue ribbon winner at the
Maryland State fair.  It was hooked by the
Vice President of the chapter, Sharon Kollman.
The picture does not do it justice.  It
is a real beauty!

 Last but certainly not least, a Christmas Wall Hanging,
hooked by the late Ruth Dietzel.
This piece is a true work of art, with very subtle
shading and the technique of the master's

When I next post, I will tell you about the
program which was very interesting and a
clever idea.  I also have pictures of the

In the meantime, it continues to be cool here and
rainy.  This is great hooking weather.  I now have a
good book on DVD which I am sure will
expedite my hooking.  I have finished the lion and am
now working on the background.  I also am
collecting all sorts of green plaids and checks
for the leaf border.

Hope everyone is having as good a week as
I am having!  Keep those hooks in motion!


Tuesday, September 13, 2011

THE BIG DIG . . . .

When we moved into this house eight years
ago, at the end of our driveway was the ugliest shrub
I have ever seen.  It was some variety of Yew and had been
allowed to spread and obviously never been taken care of.
In addition, it was full of bag worms.
It had to go!!!
Richard and my daughter, Kris, worked at it for many hours and finally
got it out and the bag worms taken care of.
It was decided that a round flower bed at the end of the driveway would
be a nice addition to the yard.
For several years, we added to the garden and it
was a beautiful success.  Then as things change during
the years, other priorities took place of this garden
and it became a shambles.
It had to go!

 Here is Richard just starting.  He probably is
wondering how and where to start.  It was such a mess that
I felt ashamed for the people driving down our street.
 Over grown, full of weeds.  Sedum plants out of hand.
When they were planted, they were just twiggs.
At this point they are approximately 5 feet in diameter!
 Those tall "weeds" on the far right of the picture
are Stargazer Lilies.  Everything else seems to have turned to weeds.
 What a mess!
 Now all of the plants, having been dug up, reside in my
garage.  Lauren thinks her garage is a mess.
Mine looks like a jungle.
 A FEW Iris, Stargazer Lillies, Glads, Stella Doro Lillies
Firecracker bulbs, Daffy-dills, and about a dozen
other plants.
This is how it looks now.  The next job is to rake it out and
plant grass seed.  That is Richard's job when he returned from vacation.
In the meantime it is better than the jungle at the end of the drive.

Now my job is to divide all of the bulbs and
get then ready to be replanted.  Hopefully I can get
started to morrow - I anticipate that it will take
at least a week to sort, divide and clean all of these
bulbs.  Wish me luck with this project.

Thought for the day
Beauty is not in the face;
beauty is a light in the heart.
Kahil Gebran

I attended the Blue and Gray hook-in yesterday and have some pictures to show you later.  I hope everyone has a great week


Thursday, September 8, 2011


Summer, that is -

I still have two pairs of white pants with
the sales tags on them.  Just didn't get the time
to wear them. 

White shoes and purse put away
for the winter.
Heaven forbid! you should wear anything
white after Labor Day. (according to my mother).
Fortunately, it was nice on Labor day until late in the afternoon.
Richard and family had a wonderful
cookout with Beer Can Chicken the
featured menu item.
The Bent Willow Community also had its annual
Labor Day feast at the home of the
Paprocki's and a large crowd it was!

Guess I have the "I'm sorry it's over blues and
the "I love fall and winter" smiles.
I have started hooking in earnest again and am
really enjoying it.
Here's the latest update on the new project.

The Lion's face and mane are finally
finished.  I am very pleased with
the way he turned out.  When I started putting the
background (more on this) in, he became the
color of gold that I had anticipated.
It's amazing how the color changes when you
add background or any adjacent color.

Closeup of mane and face.  I used several different
cuts to get the face as I wanted it.
Most of the rug is being hooked with a #8 and 8-1/2 cut
but the face is done with a #6 cut and some
smaller accent pieces.

love his tail.  It almost looks like a
dragon head.  I treated it the same as his mane
except I used smaller cuts here so that
I could get the detail in.

About the background.  It is the loveliest piece of
wool that I think I have ever had.  It was
dyed by Helen Connley Howe.  She is a New York
Teacher.  I first met her in 1974 at
a teacher's workshop.  I think that she
has been unwell lately and is no
longer teaching.  The wool is a Woolrich product
in what I call gray-blue (not sure what Woolrich calls it)
overdyed with Navy Blue and abrashed with bright green.
What makes the piece so rich and velvety looking
is the way it was abrashed.
Sorry, it's true beauty does not photograph
for it is really lovely.

It's another foggy day with rain this early am.
Guess we are supposed to have rain until
Saturday.  Sure makes for a dreary day!
However, it is  a good excuse to spend
the day in the hooking room.

Thought for the day -
Never go to a Doctor whose office plants have died.
Erma Bombeck