Thursday, June 14, 2012


Indeed school is out in Washington County.
No more school busses to wait for,
no more teacher's dirty looks!

However not all school's are out. 
 I still have two more classes to
teach before our summer adjournment
Thought you might like to know what we 
are doing in our classes.

To begin with, when all of my
students came to me, with the exception of
one) they all were hooking in a primitive
fashion., i.e. using wide cut strips.
Several have changed their minds about using
such a large cut and are now using
#3 and #4 cut.  Will they stick with it?
I don';t know, but at least they have opened their
minds to different types of hooking

 This is Cathy hard at work on her pumpkin
rug.  This is a really cute design.
 This rug is also Cathy's.  Perfect design
for her new grandson's bedroom.
 Closeup of several of the panels.
This is Sunny (and she is "sunny" always smiling).
She is working on a very interest head of a
Tiger.  It is hard to tell just what is happening
in the piece from this picture, but take it
from me, her Tiger eyes are wonderful.

This is Elinor's hand working on a piece
that she started at the Biennial.  It is much further
along than this picture shows and
is a beauty.

 Here are Margie, Lorie and Elinor hard at 
 This is the piece Lorie is working on.
It is a scene of a New England coast line.
This is her first pictorial and she is
doing a great job.  She has used a variety of
cuts in this piece.

 We occasionally have a combined class.
This is a closeup of Cathy's pumpkin rug.
Her black cat is a real cutie.

Just is just a smattering of the work that
has been accomplished this hooking year.
I am very proud of my students, they have accomplished
so much.  Sorry I couldn't show all of the pictures
that I wanted to, and that includes Margies first
piece.  A pair of sheep in the a meadow,
very nicely done for a first piece.

In the mean time, I needed a rest from 
so much fine hooking and I have finished
my Lion rug and started work on "The Blue Basket."
I have promised myself to get back to my
large pictorial when this rug is finished.
In the meantime, I am enjoying this wonderful
weather, warm days. cool nights.  The joy of living in Maryland
in the summer is eating Crabs and our wonderful
sweet corn.  I have indulging myself
in Crabs once a week.  Whoopee!!!!

Quote of the day:
No one can make you feel inferior without your consent,
Eleanor Roosevelt

Doris and Eloise 

Friday, June 1, 2012

THIS AND THAT - - - - -

On my last blog I promised to show more
pictures from the open house at Barb Carroll's.
When I sorted thru the pictures
thee were only this few that I thought you might like.
Sorry, I can't remember the name
of the young lady that was hooking this piece.

 This is a very large piece so it was
hung on the door to the classroom.
I wish this picture had been better - oh well,
it's what I have.
A closeup of her tail.  The scales were
perfectly hooked. 
 Wow!  What an upper body
 Catch that sexy face!

All in all, a great day at Barb Carroll's.
Hope you enjoyed the pics.
So many things have happened in the past few weeks
I could not figure out where to
start this blog - sooooooooooooooo
I decided to do the easy
thing and do a lot of catching up later.

 This lovely basket is hanging on my deck.
 A beautiful mixture of pink and purple
 Don't know the name of these
but the orange and purple are lovely together.
 My favorite flower along the fence
leading to Eloise's play yard.

The pretiest white Iris I have ever seen.
Not too shabby either!

The last few week have surely been busy.
It is so good to feel good again and be able to go
places.  More pictures and more things to
catch up next time.

Quote of the day:
The future belongs to those who believe in thier dreams
Eleanor Roosevelt
Let me remind you that tomorrow is the meeting
day of the Boonsboro ATHA Chapter.  Hope to see you there.