Thursday, April 30, 2009

I went to the Cumberland Valley hooking group on Monday. It was a smaller group thanusual but a very pleasant experience. I always enjoy that group. This is a closeup of Naomi's rug - it is almost finished. Just a small amount of background to do. Naomi always turns out something beautiful.
This is a close up of Thelma's rug - just starting as opposed to Naomi's almost finished.
Linda Keller, the owner of the Grant Street Woolery decided to have an open hook-in on Wednesday since so many hookers would be going to the Salvation Army sale and we would all be out and about. It was a great excuse to get together for gossip and hooking. Thank you, Linda.

This is Pat's "Basket of Flowers" rug. The colors are soft and warm. She is doing her usual good job.

Here is Pat and two of the ladies. Always conversation is at its peak in the hook-ins.

Kathy and Joanne looking at wools to purchase. I cannot believe the size of the stock of wools in this shop. How lucky to have Linda and her husband supporting all of us hookers. It has been years since a shop of this caliber has been open in this area.

Louie came to visit and found Marion to be a perfect "patsy." Such a cutie. He and Bo often come to class and are a joy to all of us.

Marion's eagle rug is well underway altho she is still fussing about the stars and may yet change some of them.

Rick, Linda's husband came to visit. He is looking at Sherill's work. We were lucky to have Sherill with us. She is visiting from Indiana and when I last saw her, just a I was leaving, she had an arm load of wool. She also found Linda's large stock of wools irrestiable!
I have to quit for today - have a doctor's appointment so must get myself on the ball.
Have a happy hooking week. I will be teaching my "stitches" workshop at the Woolery this Saturday. There are still 2 spaces available - if you are interested please call Linda or e-mail me at
Thought for the day -
The best vitamin for making friends - B1

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

I guess I just can't get over spring! I keep taking pictures of the yard. My grandson, Richard has it looking like it belongs on the cover of a magazine. When the weather is rainy or to wet from a pervious rain he cannot work at his job and he comes and works on the yard. He is here today after Monday's heavy rain. Fortunately today is a beautiful sunny day but to wet to work construction. Elois and I are always glad to have him come and be with us.

This is how I looked on Monday. It rained so hard I couldn't believe. My mommy tells me we need the rain - maybe she does but I don't!
I'm glad that it is really nice today because I can go out and chase squirrels. We have lots of them in our yard and they drive me crazy.
My mom went out and left me all day Sunday. On Sunday Richard came to work in the yard and Joan (mom's daughter) came to visit. The two of them went antiqueing - mom bought the greatest oblong white enamel pan that she is going to use for coat hanger dyeing.(Enough said by Eloise!) The enamel pan is really just right and I feel very lucky to have found it. After antiqueing, we went to the mall. Joan bought shoes (6 pairs!!!) and I got a hair cut. The worst yet - I am scalpted - if you see me with a hat on you will know why.
I went to Chambersburg yesterday to consult with Pat on some designing. Linda is in New Jersey baby sitting her grandchildren. Pat is going to do some Christmas designs that I had in mind for a workshop - Christmas in July - more on this later.
The most exciting thing that happened this week is that I ordered that "magic" iron from the gals in Texas. I can hardly wait for it to come since I have two rugs and several small pieces that need steaming.
I have finished my tulip rug and am very pleased with the results. It is my attempt to show that color can be used on a primative design, they need not be dull.
The rug for this blog is "Japanese Wedding Plate" designed by Pearl McGown. I started this rug at the Buckeystown Workshop in 2006. I took the color plan from a Chinese Celedon wedding plate. I wonder why Pearl called it a Japanese plate - this has always puzzled me. However, I am quite pleased with the result and the rug new resides on the living room floor in front of a curio cabinet.

The follow photos are close ups of the flowers and the birds.

I hope you enjoy these pictures. I always have fun posting this blog. I look forward to lots of happy hooking during the balance of the week.
Quote of the day
Blessed are those who can give without remembering, and take without forgetting
Elizabeth Bibesco

Thursday, April 16, 2009

In my last posting I told you that I was interested in things other than rug hooking. So I decided to take a picture of one of my perfume bottles. I have a small collection of these. This particular bottle was manufactured by the Pierpoint Glass Co., no longer in existence, of New England, during the "hay day" of American art glass.

Eloise is pushed out of shape. She is pouting. She hates the rain and she is saying "go away and leave me alone - I'm WET. Hates rain but loves to play in the snow - go figure!

The garden at the base of Mr. Tree is coming into it own. Beginning to look lovely. I'm so glad that we decided to put the garden in last fall. Its main purpose, in the beginning, was to have a bit less to mow and also to make mowing around Mr. Tree a bit easier. The loveliness of these flowers has brought joy to my heart!

I went to Gettysburg to the Blue and Gray meeting on Monday. It was very well attended this month. So much talking! I only get a few stitches in my rug. Everyone was to wound up - talk - talk -talk! I took some pictures but they were not good. There were so many beautiful rugs there - such a talented group. If you want to see lovely pictures of the rugs go to Kathy Harris' blog - (click here) and you will be surprised at all of the beauty that was laying on the floor.

Last Saturday I had a new student in my class. She proved to be a natural. Such a pleasure to have a student that never held a hook before and got the idea right away. By the time she left she was hooking straight, in circles and angles. I was very proud of her. Keep up the good work Sandra and I know that you are going to be a great hooker!
It seems to me that I am spending more and more time in the dye pots. This is one of the things that I most enjoy about hooking. I dyed some antique black from Barb Carrolls book and it is really a great color. One of the few blacks that I have found satisfying and I recommend it for all of your black needs.
I hope that all had a wonderful and blessed Easter spent with family and friends. I went to my grandson Richard's for the festivities. His wife, Sheri, had her whole family with use for the holiday. Many came from Denver and believe me, the house was full. So much talk and laughter - what a great time we all had topped off with a lot of yummy food. It's great to have family - after all, the most important thing is family.
Now for the quote of this blog:
As tools become rusty, so does the mind; a garden uncared for soon becomes smoothered in weeds; a talent neglected withers and dies. Ethel R. Page
It's important for all of you talented hookers to keep your skills up and keep your mind open to new ideas.
Have a wonderful week.

Thursday, April 9, 2009

Let me introduce you to "Mr. Tree." He lives in my front yard. He is a member of the Walnut family. He is old and somewhat shaggy but he provides some shade and every fall he gives me wonderful hulls for making a lovely brown dye that I use in many rugs.

Last fall we planted a bulb garden around his base and it has begun to bloom.

It is lovely to sit at the computer and look out of the front window and see the spring blooms. Also within sight is a young Magnolia tree just ready to burst with bloom. Aah! Spring. Ain't it grand!!!

I know that many of you think that the only thing that I am interested in is hooking rugs. It is a big part of my life - but only a part. I am interested in many things.

My "soap box" this week is breast cancer. My best friend in the community in which I live has just been diagnosed with it. It is so important to take care of yourself. Have your yearly mammogram! It doesn't hurt - it is easily arranged - and takes very little time. I would like to solicit your prayers and good thoughts for my friend Margaret as she undergoes a double mastomectomy later this month. I am going today for my yearly mammogram - how about you?

I have started a new rug - have it about half finished. I guess it is "cheating" a bit but I have used a lot of coat hanger dyeing in this piece and it goes so much quicker than the traditional shading method. I love the way the colors blend together. The color plan on this one is really out of the box for me. It is purple and orange. Sounds terrible doesn't it. Actually it is quite and interesting color plan.

Now for the quote of the day - this quote is from a 7 year old when asked what he thought love is. I hope you will not only read it but think about it. He is much astute for a seven year old!

Love is what's in the room with you at Christmas if you stop opening presents and listen!

Happy hooking - don't forget to go to the Grant Street Woolery to hook this evening. This is the Thursday of the month that they gather at 6 and hook until about 9.

Thursday, April 2, 2009

It seems to me that time is flying. Spring is definately here. My yard is beginning to wake up - jounquils, daffy's and some lovely "pink" things are blooming. The iris are getting new leaves and the grass needs mowing!

I went to Chambersburg on Monday. It was great to see Kathy out again and working on a new piece. I took lots of pictures but since Pat posted first I have narrowed mine down to just a few.

Pat, Marian, Kathy talking to Ann and Joan - all hard at work

This is Marian's piece. I love the little chick on the basket. I cannot believe how much her hooking as changed since I first met her. Keep up the good work, Marian.

This is Ann's rug. She had asked me to help her match some wool for it and I lucked out and was able to help her out. I love the design and she has allowed me to use parts of it in a rug that I will be hooking in the future.

I have finished my parrot rug - here it is - I found it difficult to get a good color picture of the blue and the "spotting" of the background doesn't really show in the picture. I am please with the result. Hope you like them - they are a bit more colorful than I usually do.

As always, my faithful friend is here at the computer with me. (I cannot get the type face to hold!)

Quote of the day - "Courage is what it takes to stand up and speak, courage is also what it takes to sit down and listen." Winston Churchill