Wednesday, September 5, 2012

IT'S TIME . . . . .


It seems to me that I have spent
a good portion of the summer getting ready
to teach this fall.

The hooking and wool room has been
re-organized and cleaned.  I have been going
thru many reference books looking
for interesting things to share with my
I found this poem that I want to
share with you.


When dad has worn his trousers out
They pass to brother John.
Then mother trims them round about
and William put them on.

When William's legs to long have grown
The trouser's fail to hide 'em'
So Walter claims them for his own,
and stows himself inside 'em.

Next Sam's fat legs they close invest,
And they won't stretch tighter.
They're turned and shortened, washed and pressed,
And fixed on me . . .  the writer.

Ma works them into rugs and caps,
When I have burst the stitches.
At doomsday we shall see (perhaps).
The last of Dad's old breeches.

Hope all of you are ready for the fall season with it's glorious colors and delightful weather.

Keep those hooks moving!

Monday, September 3, 2012



Where did it go?
I think it sped by when I wasn't looking

There are some wonderful and some not so wonderful 
things about living in Maryland.
The wonderful thing is what happens here
in the summer time.

 Vine ripe tomatoes.  Sweet as sugar.
Then there are the ones we pick before they are
ripe.  Those tasty green tomatoes.
Breaded and fried in bacon grease.
some smoother them in cream gravy,
not me!  Just bring on the tomatoes.
The next to arrive on the scene is our
juicy white and yellow corn.
No sugar added to these ears - they are
already sweet as sugar and
deep enough to really sink your teeth in.

 Then around Memorial Day the piece that 
no one can resist!  Those beautiful blue crabs come
onto the scene.
What great treasures the Chesapeake Bay
offers to us!!

What does one do on a rainy Sunday
in the summer?  They go to Gilligan's
on Pope Creek in Southern Maryland, of course.
 It was raining cats and dogs several Sunday's
ago when our whole family went for a crab
 This has become the family's choice
of a place to celebrate any occasion that summer
brings to us.
We were celebrating granddaughter Vicki's
and husband Curtis' anniversary.
 Here are some things you should know about Gilligan's.
It is approximately a 2 hour drive around the Washington Beltway and down Route 5 into Southern Maryland.
In addition to crabs, they have the best spiced shrimp that
I have ever eaten.
The drive is very scenic and it is an
"all you can eat" menu.
These handsome crabs came home with me.
My hands are still sore from picking them.
However it sure was worth it.  I made 14 Crab cakes
and have them stashed in the freezer.
Ah, Blue crab in the winter.

The say children do not come with an
instruction manual.  However, it is my belief
that every child born in Maryland  comes with
instructions on how to pick crabs and a
road map to Gilligans.

Hope every one has had as great a summer as I have had.
I'm sure Eloise will be reporting on her summer
as soon as the computer is free.

Quote of the day:
Beautiful young people are an accident of nature, Beautiful old people are a work of art.
Eleanor Roosevelt
Until next time, take care.