Saturday, December 27, 2008

Sheri (Richard's wife) Richard and daughter Danyel

Eloise celebrating Christmas

Two days after Christmas and I'm still tired. It was a wonderful day. The whole family was here. ;My granddaughter and her husband (Victoria and Paul) came from southern Maryland - some 2 and a half hours away - to be with us. My daughter came over from Hedgesville early to help with the table and other miscellaneous things. My grandson and his family (Richard, Sheri, Brandi, Lisa, and Danyel) came from Hagerstown - and that's the whole gang!

I'm glad to report that Richard is doing very well. He is bored to death because the Doctor says that he cannot go back to work until the end of January. He looks wonderful and acts like his old self so is well on the mend. I thank all of you for your prayers and thoughts of us during a time that was very stressful. There is to be no follow up treatment at this time.

Santa was very good to me. Among other things I got a nice digital camera. I have taken a few test pictures. I have not got the least idea how to get the pictures from the camera to the computer and then to my blog. My next big project is to figure that out. I'm going to ask my friend Kathy for some help on Monday when I go to Chambersburg.

The rug I started at the workshop with Cynthia Norwood is finished. That is, the hooking is finished. During a lull last week , in the Christmas preparations, I dyed the wool to bind it and the binding for the back. I plan to steam it today so that it can dry and I can start that project on Monday. In the meantime, I have again looked at the pictorial that I have started and decided that I have made some color mistakes and so I am reconsidering how I want to proceed with that rug. Hopefully, these days before the New Year celebration will be calm and quiet and I can get some hooking done.

I hope that everyone had as pleasant and happy a Christmas as I did. I wish each and every one the best of New Years. May all your expectations for the coming year be realized and your days filled with joy and lots of hooking!

Duke of Marlboro - designed by P.K. McGown

Hooked by Doris Aymar

Saturday, December 13, 2008

Woke up to a very cold morning - burrrr! Now the "count down" to Christmas is on. One of my chores for the day is to list all of those small things that have to be done, There always seems to be more of the "small things" than we count on and these are the things that cause me the last minute panic.

I spent part of Friday cooking and have made several more dishes for the Christmas dinner. I always feel like a squirrel as I put the dishes in the freezer. The pumpkin pies and a peach pie are ready as well as several main dishes. I try very hard to please everyone - we all have our own special traditional dish - so a wide variety of things have to be prepared. In the long run, it really is part of the joy of Christmas to prepare those things that the family enjoys and I love doing it.

I want you all to know that Richard's operation was a success and he is doing well. He had hoped to be home in 5 days but the healing and getting all systems back to normal is taking longer than expected. We hope he will be home on Monday or Tuesday of next week.

I have only about an hour or so more hooking to do on the "My House Sampler" that I started with Cynthia Norwood in November. I can't believe that I have accomplished a rug in this short a time period. As a "fine hooker" I can't believe that I have actually hooked with a size 8 cut and really enjoyed it. I am very pleased with the way this rug has turned out and expecially the background. Thank you, Cynthia. I have put the wool and binding to soak this morning and will dye it this afternoon. I am planning to do several more primitive rugs - just for the fun of it!

It's time to get going on some of my chores for the day. I hope each of you has a wonderful day with lots of happy thoughts.

Monday, December 8, 2008

December 8, 2008
Today is a day that made me wonder what will be in store for me in the future. My beloved grandson, Richard, was operated on this morning for cancer of the intestinal track. I was banned from the hospital because I am a very emotional person - however, he knew that I would be with him, through thick and thin, in all matters of life. The report from the hospital tonight is good, he is awake and talking, we just need to see what the next 5 days bring.

I thought it would be best if I was busy today so I went with my friend Marion to the meeting of the Blue and gray hookers in Gettysburg. This is a great group of hookers. So many talented rug makers. Today was our Christmas meeting so many goodies were on the counter for eating and noshing. Also we had our wool exchange which is always fun. Peggy Hannum came today and gave up a talk and show of rugs, about color planning. Her rugs are beautiful. She is superb hooker. All of the rugs shown illustrated color planning ideas. I am sure that everyone there learned a lot from her talk to us.

As I reported in my last blog posting I went to the "Friends of Barb" group meeting and really enjoyed it.

On Saturday I went to the ATHA guild meeting of the"Heart and Hand Antietam Rug Artisans" group. This is another group of very nice people all hooking primative rugs, that is very upbeat about rug hooking. We invite anyone that is interested in rugs to join us. We meet at the Boonsboro library the first Saturday of the month, from 11 to 2 pm.
Even if you don't want to hook, come by and see what we are doing. You might find that you would like to join us and we would be glad to have you.
Several people come from Virgina and one lady comes from as far way as York, Pa.
also several from West Va. since we are located in a nice triangular area of Maryland, Virginia, Pa., and W. Va. - distance is not a problem - if you like to hook and want to meet congenial people and make new friends.

I have asked Santa for a digital camera so that I can post pictures and make this blog more interesting. Hope "she" comes through - we will see after Santa comes down my Chimney.

It's time to stop for today (Monday) - more postings as I have something new to report.

I wish everyone a happy holiday - and shopping without to much trouble at the mall!!!!

Friday, December 5, 2008

Friday, December 5, 2008
This has been a lovely day. Cold but sunny and brisk. Today the "Friends of Barb" met for their monthly hook-in at Barb's house. There were 12 hookers present, all working on different rugs - a sight to behold. I'm never sure how much hooking gets done but I know lots of talking and exchanging of ideas takes place. It truly is great to have so many nice people to trade ideas with and to see the wide variety of patterns, hooking techniques and color plans.

Today was a celebration of the season with many of the ladies bringing small gifts to exchange. We also had a lovely luncheon, prepared by Barb, with additional dishes brought by each member.

Some time ago, Barb and her family, adopted 2 kittens. Today they entertained us all with their silly antics before falling asleep in hooking bags and on the couch.

I took my large pictorial of "New York in 1820" to work on. I am hooking this with a #3 cut so the going is slow. Also, I'm only hooking on it when I meet with one of the groups that I belong to. Today I got the lettering on the main sign and some of the background behind the letters done. So I did do something besides talk.

Several of the ladies asked me about workshops I will be teaching this late winter and early spring. I hope to have my schedule ready for them in the next week or 10 days.

Enough for now. I must get to work since I have played all day. Hope to up date this blog in a few days with some interesting news.'