Wednesday, February 23, 2011

It's finished! That is the hooking is finished. Feels to me like it took a long time to complete this piece. I think that is because I did not hook for the six weeks before Christmas. Did you ever get "hooked out?" I have only had that happen one time before and it lasted for five years! Fortunately, this spell only lasted six weeks. When I say finished, I mean the hooking only. I have started to add the kick strip but I am only half around.
I do not know why my computer blog program will not double space between paragraphs but this star thing seems to work. When I first began to hook and attend workshops, camps and social hooking groups I was advised to pack lightly. Oh how right my advisor was. Some people think they have to take everything in their hooking room with them to camp. I travel light. The older I get the lighter I travel. Hence, kick strips and rug binding are only added to finished pieces as I go to social groups. It is just to much to carry a heavy frame and large rug for a days social gathering. Since I have a number of rugs in my home I am not in a hurry for Adam and Eve and can take the time to add the finishing touches.
An overal view of "Paradise"
My cross-eyed angel
I love her - she happened by accident and
I think she is to cute to change

Finally a picture in which the background
shows up. I have had a difficult time getting
this to show in pictures.
The background consists of eight
different fabrics and was a joy to hook

It was all the snakes fault!

The snaake is two different paisleys worked

together (this darn computer!)

Eve in all her glory!

I saved her for last to hook because I

wasn't sure about her arm and skin color.

I love this little Lion element.
Is it a deer, elk, or moose?
I really liked this pattern and think that

Edyth Oneil did a great job of designing.


It is always fun to complete a rug and I am glad this one is done. I am trying to do one folk art piece a year altho I think this year there will be two. In all honesty, I am much more comfortable hooking with a #3 cut and so I am glad to be working again on my large farmyard pictorial.


We had about 7 inches of snow yesterday and today it is very cold. It was 7 degrees at 6:30 this morning - enough to give anyone the shivers. I was supposed to go to a hooking group today but am opting to stay home. My car is buried in snow and it is just to cold to try and clean it off. Perhaps I can get some more hooking done today. Also, I must get in the dye pots. I am taking Pam Bartlett's workshop in March and need to dye for water and waves. I am planning to do painted and sponge dyeing for the waves. This should be an interesting project.


Keep warm and safe and pray for spring.


Saturday, February 19, 2011

Last week was a busy week for rug hooking. On Monday I attended the Blue and Gray hooking group in Gettysburg, Pa. I posted pictures of their rug show on my last blog. On Tuesday I attended the ATHA Mason/Dixon Chapter. For this meeting the group chose to have a "show and tell" program instead of a speaker. This "show and tell" program was an outcome of the Buckeystown three day workshop held last fall. Many rugs were started at the workshop and we were all anxious to see the results of three days work. As it turned out many that attended the workshop were not at the Tuesday meeting. However, many attendees did bring samples of their work and I hope you will agree with me that the workmanship is excellent and the variety wide.
This rug was hooked by Ginny and is in
wonderful shades of pink, blue and purple
closeup of one of the Iris'

This Oriental was also hooked by
Ginney and is a very long runner.

A close up of the center of the rug. The color
scheme for this rug is red, blue and green with
a neutral
This is Elinor's rug started at the
Buckeystown workshop. It is being hooked
with a number 3 cut and is her first
truly shaded rug with flowers. A great job.

This is a "protest" rug done by one of the
Mason/Dixon members in protest to the
continued killing of the whales

This is the corner of an exceptional oriental
rug hooked by the late Ruth Dietzel. Mrs.
Dietzel past away about 6 weeks ago. She was a long
time hooker of exceptional talent and a
wonderful person. We will all miss her.

The center motif of Mrs. Dietzel's rug.
Absolutely beautiful!

This is a very interesting small piece.
It was hooked by Sally A. I'm not sure if it was
started at the workshop. Here is what makes
it so interesting . . . . . . .
A close up of one of the roses. Sorry the picture
looks a little blury. All of the roses are
hooked with satin ribbon!!!!

Two color satin ribbon was used throughout -
a truly impressive use of alternative
This is just a partial photographic showing of the rugs presented at the meeting. I guess that I start talking to people and forget to take the pictures! It sure was interesting to see what other members are doing.
In addition to the above, I did show my Adam and Eve. The hooking of the rug is finished and I am adding the kick strip. I will show some pictures of this rug on my next posting.
In the meantime the wind is blowing like fury this Saturday. I hope where you are it is a bit calmer. I attended an Oyster roast this afternoon. I must say that it was yummy. In addition to the Oyster's there was Ham, Roast Turkey, Dressing, Mashed Potatoes, Gravy, Saurkraut. String Beans, Dessert and coffee. A fair feast all for very little money and for the benefit of the local Ruitan club that does so much for the small town in which I live.
Hope all of you are having a wonderful weekend - hold on to your hats if you go out!


Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Last Monday I attended the meeting of the Blue and Gray hookers in Gettysburg, Pa. What a wonderful turnout they had. As I have told you before, each month we have a rug show. Everyone is welcome to bring a rug they have just finished or are still working on to show, however, one member is designated each month to give us a rug show. We are seeing some wonderful works of art.
This month the rug show was put on by Lina W. Lina has been hooking for many years. In addition to the Blue and Gray hookers, she is a member of the Mason/Dixon Chapter of ATHA and the Pearl McGown Cattail Creek Chapter of the National Guild. She also hooks with a group every week in Cockeysville, Md. I have not attempted to get the names of all of these rugs, nor did I ask her the particulars of each rug. Sit back and enjoy this lovely rug show.
No picture will ever do this rug justice. The
colors just glow as tho a light is shining
thru a window!

A wonderful rendition of iris using the
stained glass method of hooking."Reddy Fox" on the prowl

Another piece that just glows. Look at the
shading in the leaves. They curl and bend as
tho they were in the garden.
A sampler of fruits.

A lovely footstool to prop tired feet.

Wish I had gotten a better picture of this rug.
It is one of my favorites that Lina has hooked.
The wool was dip dyed so that all of the colors
automatically blend into one another.
Simply lovely.
Last but not least by any means. A beautiful
rendition of a crewel design
As I have stated before this computer has a mind of its own. Since it usually will not double space between paragraphs I thought I would try the star method and see what happens.
Yesterday I attended the Mason/Dixon chapter of ATHA. I will post some pictures from there in my next blog. They had a very poor turnout. I can't understand what is happening there. A great chapter with wonderful contacts and interesting projects and it seems to be having growning pains, or is it shrinking pains?
We have had two days of beautiful weather. Such a relief. I had been down in the dumps for so long that I had begun to wonder about myself. Sunshine sure does help. This is a time when I am very busy. I have 4 new students all at different levels of skill. It is a real challenge to get materials ready for all students and keep everyone interested. I do find that once my students get "hooked" on hooking they don't quit but keep getting in deeper and deeper and trying new things. In addition to new students, I am preparing for a workshop that I am giving late in March. It is sold out so I have to really get everything ready.
My next real chore in the hooking world is to get in the dye pots. I am taking a 4 day workshop in the middle of March with Pam Bartlett. I am really looking forward to that since it is a subject that I really am interested in and am going to challenge myself with the dyeing. I should mention that the hooking on "Adam and Eve in Paradise Dwelt" is finished and I have begun to add the kick strip. Pictures in a later blog.
Get out and enjoy this beautiful weather. Eloise is out on the deck taking a sun bath as I am writing this. She has really enjoyed these last two days. She is a little girl that hates rain and cold weather. If she could dance, it would be on sunny days. Take care everyone and have a wonderful week.

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

It has been sometime since I posted. I don't know what got into me. I have been so depressed. First I had a flu like cold that knocked me for a loop. I thought I was over it and boom! it hit again. Now for the third time I think I am over it.
I am also disconcerted by the fact that something has gone wrong with my picture reception on the computer. As I have commented before, my computer has a mind of its own. Sometimes it does what I tell it and other times it does as it pleases! That is the case with the pictures. It no longer tells me where it is putting my pictures - they just go into cyberspace - it is a hide and seek game.
My grandson, Richard, played with my blog as you can see and it now has a different look. I'm not sure how I feel about it but I guess change is good. Until I can figure out some things to do with the blog, it will just stay this way.
In the meantime, I gave a program at the Boonsboro Chapter of ATHA last Saturday. I took rugs that showed two things. One was simple color planning - monochromatic, 2 color, etc. and two was the various styles of hooking. If you would like to see the rugs that I showed and read a bit about them go to:
I do have some hopes for spring. When I sit to the computer I can also look out of the window to my front yard which is bordered with Pine trees. The Snow Drops planted under the trees are not only up but some are in bloom. Can spring be far behind?
My daughter and I went shopping on Monday. Found a few things that I needed. I own 5 watches, all batteries had stopped, so get 2 of them fixed. Got a much need hair cut. I purchased a little lightweight jacket for spring. It is bright yellow. It gives me hope that Mother nature has not forgotten we are all waiting for her to warm us up.
I continue to work on my Adam and Eve rug. I only have Eve's upper body to do and a small amount of background around her and the rug will be finished. I am pleased with the way it is turning out and will be glad to get it finished. Pictures once I figure out this darn computer
I hope all are well and keeping warm.