Tuesday, July 10, 2012


Yes, its that time of life when you
begin to look back at all of the happy moments 
and some of the not so happy times.
I have long wanted to do a "wall of pictures"
and finally I took the time to
look thru boxes of old pictures.

I decided that I would like to tell the story
of my family.  I was able to find pictures
of my Grandpa and Grandma on
my mother's side as well as so many other
nostalgic pictures that my cup
runneth over!

With the help of Grandson Richard
the wall has been started.  We are using the
walls on the stairway to the
family room.  I wanted the pictures to
be spread randomly as well as
being in all sorts of frames.  I really
like the effect.

This is where started and this wall
is almost full.  Just room for a few more
small things. 
 A slightly different view of the wall.
Center picture on the bottom row
is my birth certificate.
 This is the other side of staircase that
we have just begun to work on.
I have ten more pictures framed and
ready to put on the wall.
 This is my husband, Bob Aymar, at the
age of 19.  This is my favorite picture
of him.
 This is my Dad at age 19.  He had many brothers and
and sisters and always wore "hand-me-downs.  Here
he is modeling his first new suit of clother ever!

 This is my brother Bobby, in his Army
uniform in WW11/  There are patches in
the frame but I am not sure of their
significance.  This photo came to me in a box
of his personal items after his death in

 This is my beautiful mother.  She was a
very special lady, therefore, a very special hand
embroidered frame.
My three lovely grandchildren.  All are now
in their 40's - WOW, where does the time
 My brother in France, November 1945.
  One of the prettiest babies I have ever seen.
This is Kristen, just a few days old.

I have tried to give you a sampling of
what I have on the walls and of what
I have been up to.  I do wish that all of
you could stop by and see the walls
for yourself.  They really tell the story
of four generations of my family, of
which I am very proud.

In addition I have been in the dye pots and will be
doing more as the weather cools.
I also am working on Edyth O'Neals
Blue Basket Pattern.

I hope that everyone is having a wonderful summer.
Keeping cool is a feat in the
weather we have been having.
Eloise wants to remind everyone to drink lots of
water in this sticky weather.  She also
says hello to all.

Quote of the day -
The only reason people get lost in thought is because its unfamiliar territory.
Eleanor Roosevelt
Doris and Eloise


moosecraft said...

A wonderful wall of history! I always enjoy seeing pictures from the past. Kind of keeps the feeling of having your relatives surrounding you all the time. Looking forward to seeing your Edyth rug progress. Too hot for me to be hooking.... but, hope to pull some loops in the Fall. Hi to Eloise too!

Orange Sink said...

Hi Doris,
What a lovely family history you have displayed so beautifully on the walls! It's a lot of work getting them framed and hung! It has to be so enjoyable seeing them everyday and having reminders of those not with us! That one of your mother with the embroidery is precious!! Thank-you for sharing them!!
I would love to see the rug you are working on.... I bet it's wonderful!! Tell Eloise to be good during the hot weather and thank her for the reminder to drink lots of water..... I need to drink more plain water and not so much tea! LOL!
Great post!!
Cathy G

Kim said...

I love looking at old family pictures and hearing of people's history. It is a wonderful display and very sweet that your grandson has been helping. Just doing this project with you will be a wonderful memory for him.
I hope you get some relief from the heat wave. It seems to be lasting forever. Big hugs to you and Eloise. I hope she has a cool place to ride out the heat.

Rugs and Pugs said...

Doris ~
SO GOOD to hear from you!!! I just love your wall of family memories. That pic of Bob at 19 is priceless. No wonder it's your favorite.
Please show us your rug.
Hugs to you and Els :)

Julia said...

What a great job you did organizing those family photos on the wall. It must be a pleasure going up and down those stairs. You have a lovely family and Eloise too of course.

I feel bad that I couldn't leave a comment on this post before. I had problems with my internet connection on and off. It was very frustrating as I had very little time to spare. My husband and I were so busy that we couldn't be home when the technician could come to fix it and he was tied up in the evening. Everything is working fine now.
Hugs. JB