Wednesday, December 21, 2011


Hi everybody, it's me again.
I know I have been away from the blog for
a long time but my mom has not been feeling
well and I must stick to her side like I'm glued 

As you can see I look fit and
I am afraid I am loosing my 
girlish figure in my old age
(12 plus yrs.)

 Now that winter is here the wood
stove is going again and I love
to toast my hind parts.

A month or so ago we had the first snow fall of
the season.  It was a real surprise to everyone.
We NEVER have snow in October.
Mother Nature must have been having a
bad hair day!
 Here I am on the deck steps looking forlorn
because it is so cold out.
I am missing summer when I could stay out
for long periods of time and take sun baths.
I haven't told you about my summer yet.
It was a relatively quiet summer.  Mom
and I stayed home a lot and enjoyed the
deck and the wonderful sunshine.
I only had two encounters!
One was a garden snake, about 12 inches long,
I shook him and shook him and
then I flung him to another part of the yard.
I am a mighty hunter!
The second encounter was quite different.
This guy was BIG!
A black runner about six feet long and 
quite fat.
Mom cane out with her trusty weapon, the leaf
rake, and moved him along to another part
of the property.  Just didn't give me a real chance to
show how brave I am.

Since the weather got cold I have been spending
a lot of time practicing my "poor dog" look.
We had one interesting episode last week.  Richard, Sheri and
Traci were here on Saturday.  Richard and Sheri
had been down in the family room, getting things ready
for Christmas.  When they came up to the kitchen they
saw a mouse on my water bowl.
The nerve of that guy.
Richard tried to catch him - but what do men know about
catching mice?  Once he ran he was a goner.
The girls screamed, mom jumped, and
I was very good.  When Richard told me to drop it, I did.  
Nasty thing!
I caught another one on Monday morning and
now I think the house is mouse free.

My big job now is waiting for Santa.
I have been taking advantage of the living room
chair and mom's computer table to
watch for him.  Guess I just have to be
patient a bit longer.  I have a very pretty
stocking with my picture on it
and it is hung, with care, and ready to
be filled.

I'm glad to report that mom is feeling better.
She still is having trouble walking because
her leg is numb but she does make herself
walk but she still can't do stairs.

We have dispensed with most of the Christmas traditions
of the house, and will be having a simple repast
instead of everyone's favorite dishes.  Mom just
doesn't feel she can cook all of that food.
She will be making her famous Shrimp salad and
Pumpkin Pie is already in the freezer.
Today she baked a batch of her spiced nuts - it
made the whole house smell like Christmas.

We are looking forward to having the whole
family with us this year.  I'm sure that Santa
will be his usual generous self and that
all will have a good time.

Mom and I want to wish all of you a very merry
and blessed Christmas as well as the best
of health and happiness in the new year.

Don't forget to tell your family how much you love them.
That will be the most meaningful gift of all!

Until the next time, take care of yourself, I will post again as
soon as I have more news.
Eloise (and Doris, too)