Tuesday, February 7, 2012



For the life of me I cannot figure out
what is going on with blogger.
I won't allow me to comment
and this is the second time that my posting
has come with pictures only.
Honestly, I did explain the pictures
in the earlier posting.

The first picture is of the
Kindle Fire that I got for my birthday.
What a great piece this is for a person like me.
I love to read and play games - I'm sure
that has to do with never growing up!

One of the next pictures is of Angry Birds. 
Oh, what a fun game - also
There are a number of Bird eries on
my Kindle and all are different than the ones
on my computer.
I'm sure that I will never solve than all.
There is also a picture of "Words with Friends."
I'm sure that this game is what most of us call
scrable - but that probably is
copywrited and could not be used.

My daughter Joan and several other members
of the family are all playing this game.
Joan is like a walking dictionary and
games with her are challenging and great fun.

The thing that makes me happiest about the Kindle
is that so many books are available.
The picture of the authors name is because
that is the first book downloaded by me.
My favorite author at the moment.

The nicest part of reading on this gadget
is that I can make the type the size I want it.
It is making these old tired eyes happy!

Needless to say not much hooking is
getting done.  I'm sure that if I hid it from
myself it would help.  "It ain't gonna' happen."
Just sayin'

Hope this explains the post.  I sure hope
that Blogger gets the twist out of his/her knicker soon.
Have a wonderful day.

Monday, February 6, 2012

Wednesday, February 1, 2012


This was the sky on Monday morning 
 One of Mother Natures best displays
Streaks of a beautiful blue coming thru.
What a treat!!

When the sky is red in morning
Sailors take warning..
When the sky is red at night
Sailors take delight!

What an interesting dyeing project this would be.  A challenge, for sure.