Sunday, September 6, 2009


I have not figured it out - but I live a boring life all week long and then comes Saturday and everything happens. The exception this week was that I went to the hook-in on Thursday at Grant Street Woolworks. I have been trying to do that because the companionship is so good there. I find something new in the shop each time I go. Linda has the shop jam packed with little things - many of them are just things that ladies like and have nothing to do with hooking but all are interesting. This is what I saw this week. She has collected and put on sale a collection of gourds that are made into lamps and are so cute as to be irrestiable. This group is very halloween like.
This is a cute bear family with their little house. Charming!
Apparently Linda went overboard when buying these for the shop - so her husband Rick put up the following sign:

It is a gourd "sell-O-meter." The bottom says "buy a gourd" "Save a marriage" - too funny!!!!!
On Saturday morning I went to the ATHA Guild meeting held at the Boonsboro Library. This was the month that our purple swaps were due. I think that 9 of us participated. I really forgot to count all of the swaps. One was more interesting then the other. We drew names from a basket to see which one we got. It was a fun time and we plan to do a Christmas swap. Below are pictures of the finished swaps.

The one I got is on the far left. Pumpkin man with moon and cat.

I got the one done by Joan and I really love it. Thanks Joan.

After the meeting I went to my daughters house in Hedgesville for the family fried chicken feast. It was a lot of fun. We got into a pattern of nostaliga stories and we all laughed so hard I'm sure there were wet undies in the crowd! I forgot to take pictures I was so involved - but finally I "came to" and took just the following two.
I talk so much about my grandson Richard that I thought you might like to see a picture of his wife, Sherri, and daughter Danyel. By the time I took the next picture the wolves has been through the food and not a lot was left. I can assure you it was a feast of grand proportions! I'm sure I need not eat again for 4 days.

In closing this blog I wish all of you a wonderful labor day with lots of family fun and love for all.
The quote of the day:
The trick to living is growing up without growing old.
Casey Stengel


Joanne said...

Oh Doris - I got a big giggle out of Rick's Gourd O'Meter! Now that is funny! Thanks for the little rug show and the food looked great too! I plan on coming to Linda's next week! Hope to see you!

Kathy (woolfind) said...

The purple swap looks like it went very well. Lot's to look at. Thanks for sharing. Just had our cookout and now i'm stuffed and happy/miserable lol. Hope to see you soon.

Beth said...

doris miss seeing you... I really love the rug you got at the swap.. and your grandaughter is sure a beauty bet your grandson has to keep a ball bat by the door to keep the wolves away!!! :D

Beth said...

yay doris thanks for signing my guest book you were the first brave person to do it... your amazing!!!

weaverpat said...

Hi Doris,
Lots of nice things in the purple swap. Just add a few gourds to your pumpkin man and you'll be ready for Halloween! Have a wonderful Labor Day! Hope to see you on Thurs.

Grant Street Woolworks said...

Doris, your granddaughter is a natural beauty and so is her Mom!!!! Your grandson is a cutie too and a very, very, nice person. You are greatly blessed. Hope you have a wonderful week.