Wednesday, September 9, 2009


I got up last Friday morning feeling great! First time that has happened in a long time. No pain in the leg and all else seemed to be in place and functioning! So, I got busy in the kitchen and baked four loaves of Pineapple Zuchinni bread. It turned out beautifully. Golden brown and delicious. I hope to get more in the freezer before long. It makes really good Christmas gifts for those friends that you just want to give a little rememberance to.
It occurs to me that this blog is supposed to be about hooking and it has been some time since I posted pictures of hooked pieces. So here goes. This first piece is one of the "left overs" that I needed to get finished. It is 14' x 14' and I plan to have it made into a pillow. I have a very nice piece of dark green velvet for the backing. Linda volunteered to mount it for me but I really wonder if she has the time. She is such a busy lady but always willing to help others. In the past month several people have asked me about hooking pictorials. Pictorials are my first love in hooking. The following pictorials are now owned by my daughter who has five of mine. The first one is called "Pork and Beans" and was designed by Charlotte Stratton (I think - can't quite remember). I did this a number of years ago. It is done with a number 3 cut as are all of my pictorals.

This is a slightly closer view. It shows the pig, driver and cart a bit better, I think.

The next one is for all of you cat lovers out there. It is an original design. I call it my stylized cats. One cat is reaching for a butterfly while the lower cat is concentrating on a mouse.

This was great fun to hook. I used a lot of scraps in it. All pictorials use a lot of left over small quantities of wool. I find them great fun to hook.
I spent yesterday in the dye pots. Came up with some great colors. I hope that they work out for what I have in mind. I am planning to do more dyeing this afternoon. A good thing to do on a rainy day. If I am in the dye pots I don't think so much about eating everything in sight!
I left home early this morning (before 7) to get my blood drawn as I have a noon appointment with my cardiologist tomorrow. I am so sorry that I will not be able to go to the hook-in but I hope that all of you have a wonderful time.
I am hooking while I am watching the U.S. Open and getting a lot done on my "scraps" rug. Hope all of you are having a productive week. Keep hooking and loving one another - kiss your family and give the dog a hug.


weaverpat said...

Hi Doris, as we get older, isn't it the best thing ever to get up feeling good and energetic! It's like being young again for a day! LOL!!!
Your zucchini bread looks delish! And the rugs are stunning as usual. We're all cookin' and hookin'!
Good luck at the Dr.'s.
Hope to see you soon!

Beth said...

so glad your feeling better!! your rugs are great!! the cat one made misty eyed as the calico playing with the mouse reminded me of my Dora, i had a dream about her last night.. guess somehow my physic ability knew you would be putting on this rug with the calico cat!! beautiful!!

Joanne said...

Pineapple Zucchini Bread- looks good! so glad you are feeling better - and wow your rugs are great - now a 3 cut - that's sewing thread to me! I appreciate it but will stick to my wider cuts! LOL!

katie said...

Great rug hooking

Kathy (woolfind) said...

Hey Doris,
Sorry you won't be there tomorrow at the hook-in. Will do my best to take pictures and fill you in on the blog. Praying your appointment goes well for you.
Your bread looks delicious and your rugs are awesome!