Friday, September 25, 2009


On Tuesday, Eloise, Richard and I had an appointment at the Vet's. This is a different vet than Eloise usually sees. We were looking for a second opinion about the growth on her eye. Dr. Russon recommended that it be removed as soon as possible since he could do it early in October and at this stage it would not deform her eye. Much bigger and it would not only deform but could become cancerous. So Eloise is going into the hospital on October 8th. You can be sure that I will be a nervous mother!

The bright news of the week is that Linda's sister Veronica came to visit from Pittsburgh. What a delightful lady she is with a great sense of humor! Linda has persuaded her to take up hooking, so they spent Wednesday with me picking out colors for her first rug. It is a basket of fruit and rather a large piece that should keep her busy most of the winter. Introducing Veronica to the hooking world!

And here is her companion, Bailey, who will go anywhere his ball is. What a charmer he is. Loves everyone and everyone loves him. I thought I was seeing double when I arrived in Chambersburg and the little ones were in the parking lot. I am used to seeing Louie and Bo but another white one really had me thinking I had double vision.

An overall picture of the group. Kathy with her back to the camera, Linda, Pat, Traci and Barbara all in conversation. Barbara is not hooking but is taking a quilt apart.

Veronica hard at work on her fruit rug. We were able to get an interesting leaf started. She had picked a very pretty leaf (I think from Linda's garden) and was using it as a visual aid. We also were able to take a good look at her hooking technique and help her with the size of her hook and the splitting of the wool. A lesson accomplished along with a lot of fun and good companionship.

Linda is workin on a primitive rug that she started some time ago. Like lots of us she has a "few" unfinished projects. She is really making an effort to get them finished.

I could not believe my eyes when I saw this mess. It must be at least 20 bags of "worms" just for this one small rug. Good thing they are not real worms or they would take over the world!

Here's Traci, looking oh so intent on what Kathy is saying to her. I can't imagine that any conversation was that serious. Perhaps Traci was just resting - she had been working awfully hard on her rug. Its really coming along. We were able to pick out some material for the border and I think it will look great when she gets it finished.

Here is her Santa rug. I love the humor in this rug, especially the knoby knees on the reindeed! They are just great and she has hooked them in a very cute and interesting way.
Traci and I had such a good time yesterday that we talked like magpies all of the way home. It was a very happy day - a real bonus. Thanks to everyone that came to the hook-in.
I am expecting Linda and Veronica for another hooking lesson this afternoon - this is a concentrated course because Veronica has to return to Pittsburg tomorrow.
Enjoy the fall weather - the best time of the year - and happy hooking to all.


Beth said...

sorry I missed you doris... Jill and I came up later in the afternoon! I couldnt belive how organized veronica was.. with all her strips just so!!

Kathy (woolfind) said...

I'm sure the class today went very well for them both. Can't wait to see how much Ronnie gets done between now and her next visit!

weaverpat said...

Hi Doris,
I'm so glad I got to see you on Thurs.! It's such a joy to get together to hook and talk! I will be thinking of your dear little Eloise, and hoping that all goes well with her surgery.

Joanne said...

Looked like another fun day at Grant Street! Sorry I missed everyone!