Saturday, September 19, 2009


How about this weather! Isn't it grand. How lucky we are to live in this part of the country - no mud slides, no large forest fires, just wonderful weather most of the time altho we do have humidity - a small "glitch" in our hitch along!

I finally found the furniture that I wanted for my new deck. It was delivered last Wednesday and I am so pleased with it. This is a glass topped table with four chairs. What pleases me most is that the chairs are so comfortable that I can sit in them for hours and really enjoy myself. I am looking forward to getting some hooking done in the out-of-doors. My children gave me this lovely bench for Christmas last year. It is really "cool" as my grand-daughters would say. It is very nice with the cocktail table that I found to go in front of it. The table fits perfectly - I was so lucky to find it.
This sofa is on the lower deck. I laid down on it after it was delivered and took a sun bath. Not only comfey but looks great on the lower deck.

Today was so beautiful that I spent a lot of time outside. Richard and Danyel were here this morning mowing grass and doing a meriad of small things that make my life better. They are so wonderful to me and I enjoy their company so much. They are the joy of my life. They helped me get ready for the October season and halloween, of course. This is an overall view of the fence that faces Bent Willow Rd. - at the front of the house.

Meet Buleugh Witch - she's a real charmer!

Her companion is Mr. Pumpkin Head. He used to have batteries that caused him to speak but he is so old that now he is tonque-tied! - But still cute.

And last but not least - Ralph the Spider.
He's a real big boy. When it is not October and Halloween time he resides in the family room where he keeps watch over my drafting table.

As we were putting these characters on the fence I notice this one poor lonely Iris blooming. I can't believe that at this late date a re-bloomer is doing its thing. However, it really is beautiful. It was a joy to see.

I have been away from home a great deal lately. I am sure that Eloise wonders if I still live here. Most of the time has been spent in doctor's offices or at the Robinwood Medical Center. I have hope that most of the tests are over and that good results will come of all of the things that I have been though in the last 3 months. I am limping a bit today but generally speaking my leg is much better but there is still concern on the part of my doctors. I am taking a very positive attitude and am continuing to teach and plan to follow thru on my hooking schedule as much as possible.

In the meantime, Eloise continues to oversee all that goes on in the house and continues to be patient with me. She still kisses me and acts glad to see me when I am at home. I don't know what I would do without her. She is what makes me get up in the morning.
I am loooking forward to my classes next week and to seeing all of you before long. My best regards to my friend Barbara - so sorry that I did not know about the memorial service for Bob. I wish you the very best and hope that I will see you soon.
To all of my hooking friends, thank you for your concern for me and for all of the times you have driven me places in the past months. The dr. seems to think that I can now drive longer distances and I am going to give it a try. Until I see you again keep the faith and love one another.


Kathy (woolfind) said...

Hey Doris,

Your furniture for your deck is just wonderful. Looks so comfortable! Sure hope you get a few more weeks of great weather to be outside and enjoy it.
Glad to hear that you are doing better each day. Look forward to seeing you again!

weaverpat said...

Hi Doris,
What lovely furniture! It looks perfect on the deck! You and Eloise will spend many hours relaxing and enjoying it.She's such a good little companion.
Hope all the 'doctoring' brings positive benefits. Go easy on the leg! And I hope to see you again this Thurs.

Joanne said...

What a great deck and furniture! Looks so comfy! Hope your tests are all positive in a good way!

Grant Street Woolworks said...

WOW!!! When you do it, you do it good! That furniture is beautiful. I will be praying for you that all goes well w/the reports and your meds. See you soon.

Beth said...

Doris I love your new deck furniture.. how classy and looks comfortable too!! Love your fall decorations and of course eloise is looking sweet as ever!