Thursday, September 30, 2010

When I left the hook-in yesterday I decided to stop at my favorite used book store, "Books With A Past," in Glenwood, Maryland. I always find treasures there. This is a shop with something for everyone. It is neat and clean with books filed by author and category. Everything is easy to find and usually in lightly used condition. Since I don't sleep well I often read in
the middle of the night.
Soooo, David Ballacci is my current favorite,
hence three books to read!
Then the treasure of all treasure's the next two books.
The Complete Book of Wizardology
This is one of the most charming books
I have found in a long time.

One of the wizard's pictured. There are several in the book.
The written material is in
a very fine script in sepia so does not show
up in the pictures.

Some of the wizard's friends and
The red square is a pocket containing a
lift out booklet on the care and feeding
of the pets.
The next treasure is "the Complete Book of Dragonology"

This book is truly a treasure. It contains many lift out pockets with information that is priceless if you have a vivid imagination

One of the Dragons and some of his friends.

This page has to do with the evolution of the Dragon. There is even a page with lift out Dragon eggs!

This page has to do with riding dragons and their flight patterns. I didn't know that Dragons could fly - thought they were to big!
The two pockets on this page are lift out instruction for Dragons on the ground. The text of this book is also written in very light script in a sepia color. I do wish that I could have photographed the text so that it could have been read.

This is an especially interesting page. The small whitish box on the right contains the Dragon Alphabet. Did you know that Dragon's could read and write?
This is a close-up of the alphabet. Something new to learn. Wouldn't this fool the kids in the neighborhood?

Rainy day fun, fun, fun, a new alphabet!



Julia said...

My grandson has the Dragonalogy and Wizardology and the drawings are fantastic although I'm not into fiction.
He draws them constantly and my granddaughter makes dragons out of Femo and they look so real. JB

weaverpat said...

Hi Doris,
What delightful books! Mysteries are my favorites, too. But the Wizard and Dragon books are FUN! I love the pockets with little surprises in them!
Enjoy learning to speak dragon!!!