Thursday, September 23, 2010


Last week I attended a social hook-in at Barb's house. The group has 12-15 participants - it depends on whose day it is to work or if one has other plans. We meet in homes of the members and try to get together once a month. Sometimes it is sporatic depending on commitments and family matters. One of the nicest things about this group is that it represents Virginia, West Virginia, Pennsylvania and Maryland. Really a "quad state" gathering. This is our hostess Barb. She is contemplating a rug pattern that she has just purchased. It is a very large Edith O'Neal pattern of a ship at sea. A general discussion by those present ensued.

Barb, Jack and Marion, hooking and talking.

This piece was hooked by Beth R. and shown to us. It is really cute and very well done. The colors are lovely.

I wish I had gotten a better picture os this rug. It is quite large and is being hooked by Joan. Her colors are wonderful, soft and muted. This one of the prettiest primitive rugs I have ever seen.

Sandy was knitting at this gathering. It is very large and a beautiful blue "something" that I did not get to really look at!

This smiling piece is Marion's latest creation. It looks almost finished.

Altho you can't see her, that is Traci in the plaid shirt. She is still working on her Santa rug. I must say that it is almost finished. She is using a wide variety of blues in the background and it is beautiful with the dark soft reds in the rug.
This is Jack's pictorial. Another 2 or 3 good evening's work and it will be finished. There is a lot of detail in this piece and he has captured it all.

Last but certainly not least, is Jill's small pictorial. She started this piece during the summer while working with Sybil Osecka. It is a true beauty. Jill is a meticulous worker and her work really shows the care that she takes.
I took pictures of Judith's "Uncle Sam' a really cute piece with a sheep's wool beard. I also had pictures of Nada's primitive piece and a few other pieces that were being shown. My computer is doing something crazy this morning and pictures are being lost between the camera and the computer.
In addition to all of the wonderful rugs on view - boy oh boy! you should have seen the food table. It was a WOW! The hostess always makes a main dish and the rest of us bring something to supplement. This time everyone seemed to bring a dessert. Jill brought scones, with clotted cream and jam, Sandy brought a cherry cheese cake, Beth brought wonderful cookies, someone else brought brownies. That's just a sampling of what was offered. Lot's more goodies were on the table. Just goes to prove what I have been saying for years, if you can hook you can cook!
This is a very special day for our hooking group. Our member Linda, who lives in Shepherdstown, W.VA is giving one of her kidney's to her very ill brother. It is a brave and very unselfish act. We are all praying for God to grace and bless her and we hope that all of you who read this blog will join with us in our prayers.


moosecraft said...

Great show of rugs! Nice variety of subjects. Prayers going out to Linda and her brother and family. Surgery is always scary... but we must hope it is for the better good. Hugs!

weaverpat said...

Hi Doris,
What a nice group! They are doing exceptional rugs. Love the one with the beautiful little trees and the church and houses.
Prayers to Linda as she undergoes surgery. I hope she and her brother both do well.

Julia said...

I enjoyed looking at the rugs in progress. My prayers are with Linda, her brother and family at this time. Prayers for hope, courage and healing. JB

Rugs and Pugs said...

Doris ~
Thanks for sharing all the wonderful rugs! We didn't get to see what you are working on :(
Prayers to Linda and her brother!
Eema hugs to Eloise :)