Saturday, September 4, 2010


Yes indeed, the sculpture workshop was finally held in my home on Friday, September 3rd. I had a full class for my space which was gratifying on such short notice.

The first pictures are variations of the strawberry pattern that we were learning to sculpt. This is a slight rearrangement of leaves with a strawberry made into a pin. It is mounted on felt with a pin on back. This is an enlarged version of the pattern that we were sculpting. I enlarged the design on the copying machine at the library. After hooking it, I coated the edges with Fray Check, cut it out and mounted it on this tote bag. This makes a very effective gift.
This is the pattern that we were sculpting as a class. It is on a large enough backing that it makes an effective small pillow.

The following pictures are of the class busily working away. I am pleased to say that before the lunch break everyone had completed hooking and sculpting the largest strawberry. Quite and accomplishment!

Syd and Pat intently at work. Each student received a portfolio with instructions for this piece, general instructions on sculpting, a color picture of the finished product and a short history of sculpting as it pertains to hooking.

Elinor, Syd and the back of Pat - all so intent. There was a time that it was so quite with consentration that I thought everyone must have had their mouths full of food!!!

Ellen, who comes all of the way from Virginia and Pat who drives 2 hours to get to me from the inner city of Baltimore. Very dedicated hookers.

Also a Pat! She was the first to get her strawberry hooked and ready to sculpt. She did a beautiful job.

Ellen hard at work. Its hard to see but this is before cutting the loops on the strawberry and doing the sculpting. If you look close you can see that this is a messy process.

And of course here is Eloise. She thoroughly enjoyed her job as official greeter. She loves it when the ladies come. Also she is the official taster of lunch time tidbits.
All in all a very successful workshop. All of the ladies had not only finished one strawberry by the time the workshop was over, but had completed the large leaf with the turnover.
I was very pleased and gratified when one of the participants commented that she was glad that the workshop was held in my home because she always had such fun in my kitchen. This was really a heartwarming comment for me. Several of the ladies will be coming next Tuesday for their regular lesson and I hope to hold a more complete critique at that time.
Today is the regular meeting of the Boonsboro chapter of ATHA and I am planning to attend. I have not been able to go for several months due to my physical condition but I am looking forward to seeing some of my friends today.
Tomorrow our neighborhood is having its Labor Day celebration and I have to prepare my food contribution for the festivities. This is such a busy weekend! I hope you have a wonderful Labor Day with your loved ones and family.
Until me meet again, happy hooking.


weaverpat said...

Hi Doris,
Thanks so much for providing us with a very educational class, AND chocolate cake! Who could ask for more?
Eloise was such a good little girl! What a cutie!!!
Have a wonderful Labor Day weekend and enjoy your ATHA meeting!

Joanne said...

Did Pat say chocolate cake! Oooh sounds good. So happy you were able to get a full house. It's a shame it had to be postponed due to life's unexpected turmoils but sounds like it was a success! Love the pick of Eloise - bet she had a long day as did you!

Rugs and Pugs said...

Doris ~
Sure wish I lived closer. It looked like a fun day learning something new.
Hugs to Eloise from Eema :)