Saturday, September 11, 2010


My weekend began on Friday with and invitation to luncheon with my oldest, and dearest friends. We decided to go to the Bavarian Inn in Shepherdstown, W. Va.

These are my friends, Kip Scherer, Mary Morse Jacobs, and Otto Scherer.
I have known Otto and Kip for more than 40 years. Our close connection is that my husband and Otto worked together for many years and for seven years I was secretary and "jack of all trades" to the enginering group that Otto headed up. Mary is a renoun artist whose works appear not only in private collections but in many museums in this country. There are two very large public "feathers" in her hat. The first came when she was still in art school with a commission to design the goat logo for the U.S. Naval Academy. The second came after the second world war when she was asked to design the memorial that now stands at the entrance to Pearl Harbor honoring the heroism of our many brave men. This project took two years to design and supervise the building of.

This is the front entrance to the Bavarian Inn. It is truly a lovey place and the food and the ambience are excellent.

This garden is in front of the entrance. The fountain in the middle of the garden is a very large jardinere, a beautiful blue color and the greenery all was in hues of blue green. Very lovely. The seasonal plants had been removed, however it was still very inviting.

The main dining rooms are surrounded by six or seven of these lovely chalet's where the guests of the Inn stay. Each has a different name and is slightly different in design. Each has a beautiful mural painted on the side of the building. The whole complex is built on the banks of Potomac River and the vistas are just lovely, since the Inn is built high on the hill.

This is a view of the main dining room. It was nearly full as we arrived for our luncheon. We stayed to talk a while after eating so I was able to get a picture without a lot of people. We had an excellent meal. Two of the group had Aspargus Soup and an entree of crab cake with asparagus and hollendaise sauce and mashed pototoes. Two of us had the Crab Soup (best I have ever had!!) and panini's of ham, bacon, chicken, and cheese. Everyone pronounced their meal delicious. Even tho we were all stuffed we all had Apple Strudel flavored with cinnamon and nutmeg. Simply wonderful! Is this a special occasion place? It is always a special occasion for me when I have a meal with good friends, good conversation, and good food.
On Saturday my daughter Joan came to spend the day with me. We ran the gamit of the main street thru Boonsboro, in spite of the celebration of Boonsboro days, and yard sales galore! Our mission was to go antiquing and antique we did. We found nothing for ourself except a few used books that looked interesting but we did find three pieces of glass for her husband's glass collection. After antiqueing we went to our favorite Chinese All-you-can-eat Resturant and indulged ourself in a very nice meal.
In addition, I am planning to go to the Blue and Gray hook-in on Monday in Gettysburg. Busy, Busy.
Two wonderful days spent with loving family (Richard had
come on Friday to visit), and with loyal, tried and true friends. What more could a girl ask for?

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weaverpat said...

Hi Doris,
What a weekend you've had!
Oh my, the Bavarian Inn is such a nice elegant place to have a get- together with friends. Good food and lifelong friends, a truly memorable occasion!
Sounds like you and Joan had a nice day together too. And another chance to eat out. Better than cooking and doing dishes! LOL!!!
Rest up after all that excitement!See you tomorrow at B and G!