Thursday, September 16, 2010


Hi everybody, it's me again. Mommy is letting me use the computer. She's busy in the kitchen putting a roast in the oven so here I am ready to give you a report on my activities this summer. I did a lot of this! It was so hot I didn't even want to go out to take care of business! WOW have you ever had such a hot summer? I tell you I thought I would have a heat postration.
Finally, Joan and Richard persuaded Mom to put in an addditional air conditioner and to turn on the one's already here. Gosh, she sure hates those electric bills but a girl can only take so much.

I have had lots of adventures this summer. First it was the Ground Hogs. Can you believe it, they moved into the barn and almost undermined the whole thing. Richard told me we had to do something. We borrowed 2 traps from our neighbor Mrs Scott, and boy oh boy do they ever work. I'm sorry I don't have any pictures. We caught 2 adult Ground Hogs and 3 babies. The babies were awfully cute but what a nuisence! They had the nerve to move from the barn to under our new deck. I chased them and barked and barked. Finally Richard had to barracade their hole to keep me safe. I am a mighty hunter you know.
The next exciting thing was the herd of deer that frequented our pasture. There were 12 that came on a regular basis. One great big fellow that stood watch over the ladies and the babies. They ate the tender grass in our pasture and some of the leaves off of our Magnolia trees. Oh well, I think the leaves will grow back.

I spent a lot of time doing what I love to do. After all when a girl lives such an exciting life she has to rest. Here I am resting from the snake episode. First it was just a small snake, kinda green in color. Traci was visiting with mom and they were yelling at me. Mom came with her weapon, the broom, as tho that would do any good, but by the time she got their I had killed it. She laughed at me because it was just a little garden snake. Probably wouldn't hurt a flea.
Speaking of flea's - I haven't had any this summer. Arn't I lucky. I did have a bad bout with my toe. I got my toenail caught in the blanket on the bed and bent the toe nail back into my leg. What a mess. The vet had to extract the nail and then put some gooey yellow stuff on me. He told mom to put that awful collar thing on me if I bothered it. I made sure not to touch it - that collar thing is awful.
After the garden snake came the really big fellow. Boy or boy, was he big!!! A black snake about 6 feet long and as big around as the top of my legs. I barked and jump and howled. Mom came again with the broom, I don;t know what she thinks whe can do with that. There must be better weapons than a broom for goodness sakes!!!! Anyway, she shooed me away and I ran for the house. We just let that creature go on it way.
Then there was the baby rabbit. I was at the fence and I saw it. I called to mom to come quick. I thought it was dead. It was just outside of the fence so I couldn't tell. Mom came and when she went to pick it up with the shovel it hopped. Gosh it was so cute. Mom nudged it along until she got it in a patch of clover and she watched it until it began to eat. Then we both knew that it would be OK.
My next adventure was with the toad. He was really big and ugly! I suppose some people would think that he was cute in his own way. He was light brown with bumps all over. I didn't know what he was so I watched carefully and every time he jumped I jumped. Mom said that it was one of my funnier performances. She laughed at me!

Gosh it was hot and I got so tired from all of the excitement that I had to spend a lot of time resting.

These fellows didn't come to visit this summer
I just like their picture (ha,ha,ha)
Well, I guess I have bored you enough by now so I better go back to doing what I do best! Hope all of you had a wonderful summer. Mine was very exciting. I am looking forward to this cooler weather. I love being on the deck on these sunny cool day.
One more thing before I go - I want to wish Eema the best of luck in her new forever home. I hope that Lauren with be able to visit her from time to time and let us know how she is. I will miss seeing her picture on the blog. I love you Eema - have a happy life.
Love to all of my friends and to Pat's kitties and to Jonsey and all of Joanne's crew. I'll get on this machine thing sometime this winter and give you an update. Until than be good and enjoy your happy homes.


Julia said...

I want to be a dog I think except I'm not too fond of snakes, small or big, JB

Orange Sink said...

Oh Eloise,
You have the dogs life for sure! Did you get some of that roast for supper? LOL

Cathy G

weaverpat said...

Eloise, you sure had an exciting summer! All we kitties got to do is watch the outdoors from the window. We don't have a nice fenced yard like you do (and if we did, we'd slip right through).
Glad you had some nice cool spots to rest during all that heat. Didn't it make you just want to shed your fur??? All over Mommy's house? hehehe!
You are a very brave hunter (for a dog). We love snakes (Mom has one for a pet!) and bunnies, and toads. Groundhogs are a bit much for us!
Hope you get to use the keyboard again. Our Moms don't need to have all the fun!
PURRRRS, Deiter, Tippy, Penny and Izzy

Kim said...

Eloise, you live quite the exciting life. No wonder you need frequent naps! Thats alot of adventure with alot of different critters. Good thing you are sharp and keep Mommy alerted to intruders.
Keep up the good work!

Rugs and Pugs said...

Dear Eloise ~
How sweet of you to say those nice things about me. I will miss my foster mom but my new forever mom sounds even better. She doesn't have to go to work anymore so I'll almost never be alone. I like that idea :)
You sure had a fun summer. Pugs really don't like the heat so about all I did was lay around. When mom did make me go outside, I would just fall over and wait for a belly rub. I really like belly rubs and I bet you do, too.
I love you too, Eloise!!
Hugs :)

Woolly Lott Rugs said...

Eloise, You have had a wonderful summer. I'm just glad your mom was around with the broom for the scares you had. I have been reading about you for a long time but this is the first time I am posting. Your mom hooks beautiful rugs and is so good to you. You made my day today reading your post. It brought many smiles and chuckles to me. I have a black lab named Oni (oh-knee) and a golden retriever named Brit. I also have a calico cat named Jordan. They looked at your picture and thought you were beautiful. Do you like your mom's wool? We love our mom's wool!!! She is a rug hooker too. Have a great autumn and don't forget to post again! (Doris - your post just brightened up my day-us animal lovers understand)!!!!!

Cyndi, Oni, Brit and Jordan

Joanne said...

Hey Eloise - Wow you sure got to have the funnest adventures this summer. Mom won't even let us out on the deck. She's afraid we will get lost or something I guess - I try to sneak out everytime she hangs out wash but she's as quick as me! She says she loves me too much to loose me - Oh Phooey - i love her but I sure want to feel some grass between my paws! Geez we sure would love a snake but Mom says if Dad brings home a snake it's instant divorce and same with us - if we invite one over - we are outta here - heck she even said if she sees on near the house we are moving! You get all the fun! You are so right it was hot this summer - when Mom turned off the ac we flopped around until she turned it back on (she said we were being overly dramatic whatever that means!) Me - I've been spending my summer watching Dark Shadows with Mom - Oh you would love it Eloise - it's sometimes scary for me but I just snuggle closer to Mom.

Can't wait to hear about your deck adventures! Love Riley, Jonesy and Miles