Monday, June 15, 2009


On Friday, my friend Traci and I visited the Lurgan Nursery in Pennsylvania. Altho Traci had been to the nursery several times before she had missed the Coie pond. We were both fascinated by the fishes. The sizes and colors of them are spectacular. My picture does not do them justice. This was my first visit to the nursery and I loved the water gardens that are spread through out the grounds. The one below is my favorite.

Some day I hope to have such a water garden adjacent to the rear patio. I purchased several herbs since I like to cook with fresh herbs and a beautiful clementis vine, dark red. I just hope I have good luck with it since this will be my third try with clementis! On the way home we stopped for lunch at a very nice place and had a lovely meal.

When I think of summer in Maryland, I think of two things. STRAWBERRIES and CRABS!! Since the strawberries are the first to come to the state they come first on this blog. My friend and neighbor Margaret and I attended the strawberry festival in Rhorersville on Saturday. It was the first time either of us had attended so we didn't know quite what to expect.

Strawberries, of course! Lots of great food on the menu including fried oyster and ham sandwiches, fries, homemade soups, all kinds of drinks and of course, strawberry shortcake, strawberry sundaes and strawberry pies all homemade. I can attest that the oyster sandwich and the strawberry pie was delicious. Margaret also loved the oyster sandwich and bought a whole pie to take home.

This is a view of "vendors row", and attraction that neither of us had expected. Later in the day there was to be a tractor pull. We did not stay to see that but I could not help taking a picture of this John Deere tractor. It was a monster! Biggist tractor I have ever seen!!! And like the song I have fallen in love with the farmer's tractor.

There were many very large tractors on the grounds. As you know Margaret is recovering from a serious operation so we did not stay the whole day. We did have a great time and I surely recommend it to the folks that live in this area. We were also surprised by the attendance. The place was mobbed. The longest line was at the food tent of course.

Then came Sunday and the family crab feast. Believe me, all members of the family were in attendance. All of Sheri's family, and all of what little family I have. We all met at Richard's about 2 in the afternoon and did we have a wonderful time! Of course, I had to take a picture of the STAR of the day -

Beautiful Chesapeake Bay Blue Crabs!!!! How lucky we are to live in this area and enjoy the bounty of the bay. In addition to the crabs, the menu included, potato salad, coleslaw, pasta salad, corn, sausage on the grill along with shrimp on the "barbie" and other dishes to numerous to mention. Believe me if you left hungry it was your own fault. The weather was wonderful, just right for eating crabs at a picnic table.

One table of eaters! A messy job but OH! so good. I thought I would not bore you with lots of pictures of the family, but believe me when I say all had a good time. Lots of conversation, lots of laughs, lots of messy hands and faces, many suggestions of the best way to pick a crab and overall good fun.
And now it is Monday and time to get back to the real world and prepare for the week ahead. On Tuesday I plan to go to the ATHA Region Three Meeting in Ellicot City and on Friday I will be holding a dyeing workshop in my home - so a busy week ahead. I hope that all of you had as wonderful a week as I did and the coming one will be just as pleasant. Until next time -


Kathy (woolfind) said...

Oh Doris, I wish I would have known you were at Lurgan. I live about 10 minutes or so from there! You could have stopped by! Lurgan is really a lovely place. Glad you and Traci had a good time.
What a full weekend you had. Lots of fun. Oooh those crab look delicious. It kills me that I'm allergic to it now.

weaverpat said...

Hi Doris,
Glad you got to visit Lurgan. Isn't it fun?!
Wish Zip and I had known about the strawberry festival. I love strawberries and he loves tractors, and we both love oyster sandwiches! LOL!
What a great family gathering! It's soo nice when evernyone gets together and shares conversation and food. No pictures of Eloise? Or did I miss her in the crowd?
Glad you had such a nice weekend!