Wednesday, June 17, 2009


The Mason-Dixon chapter of ATHA always hosts the Region Three meeting. Sarah Province, the Region Three coordinator is a member of this chapter and one of its past presidents, so it is fitting that the chapter acts as hostess to this event. We always have a speaker and a pot luck luncheon. This event took place on Tuesday in Ellicot City, Md. in a beautiful church which allows us to use their facilities for which we are most grateful.
As you can see, we had a very good turnout not only of chapter members but of regional representatives.
A table loaded with all sorts of good things to eat - I'm not showing the dessert table!!!!

The most popular line - the food line - as always -

Let me introduce you to Norma Batastini, our speaker for this event. Norma's topic of the day was backgrounds and how they effect the overall design of the hooked piece. She had a wonderful handout for us that showed a number of rugs all featuring different ideas about backgrounds. Very enlighting! More on this later.

Following are pictures of the items she brought to show us. I could not get pictures of all of the pieces because the lighting on the back of the stage, where the rugs were placed, after showing, was very dark and my camera said "no lady, not enough light!"
These are the tote bags that she has created. They are shown in the latest issue of Rug Hooker Magazine. Be sure to check them out in the mag as those pictures are much better.

A close up of one of the totes.

This picture shows the handle construction. So many of us have trouble with adding handles to the purses or totes we make. Norma said she found these in a knitting shop.

The sample materials in the upper left corner of the picture are pieces of the materials used in the background of this rug. Note that the border design is hooked of the same material as the leaves thus coordinating the color.

This is a very interesting piece. Some of the material is felted and applied to the design instead of being hooked giving a three dimensional effect.

In this piece note how the background becomes a large part of the design.

A two color background the lighter one denoting morning and the darker one denoting night and creating the feel of movement on the morning side.

This piece hooked to honor her daughters doll collection. Note the background hooked to simulate wall paper.

These penguins are adorable! Please look carefully at the back ground. She has hooked a line of "shadow" penguins marching in the background.
I hope that you all will enjoy these pictures. I just wish all of you could have been at this event. If you ever have an opportunity to hear Norma give a talk or to work with her I hope you will take advantage of the opportunity. It was a truly great hooking experience.
As many of you know, I have experimented with color over a long period of years, in the dye pot, and on the hooked piece. I have created a one color rug (monochromatic) and a two color rug using only two dyes but many shades of those colors. I am now experimenting with a black and white rug. Something I have wanted to do for a long time. As often happens, I wasn't sure how to keep the figures from floating and was waiting for the rug to "speak" to me. Instead, I listened to Norma yesterday and all of a sudden my creative juices began to flow and I now know how to handle the background of this rug. Thank you Norma for giving me such inspiration!
Until next time, I remain a Happy Hooker!!!!!

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weaverpat said...

Beautiful rugs and plenty of delicious looking food! What a gathering!!! Norma has some interesting background effects. Would love to see more of her work! Now what are you going to do with your white background??? I can't wait!!!