Sunday, June 7, 2009


On Saturday I attended the meeting of the local chapter of ATHA. I am always amazed at the youth represented by this chapter. The enthusiasm of this group is remarkable. With the exception of only 2 or 3 members all hook primatively and don't seem to be at all interested in fine hooking. I keep wondering what Pearl McGown and Joan Moshimer would say about that - however, times have changed. Everyone seems in such a hurry! Here are Maryanne, Traci and Ruth hard at work.

Ron, Caroline (president of the group) and Mary (secretary to the group) hard at work.

Nada brought her Santa rug for all of us to see. She had been working on it at the last few meetings. So glad to see it finished.

Joan, Nada, Gerry and Maryanne. Please note the stack of purple wool in the foreground. I'm getting to that!

Joan brought this rug for show and tell. I think the name is pumpkin man but I'm not sure. It has a beautiful background that she dyed.

This topsy-turvy rug is also Joan's. Its always great to see the finished products of this group.

Now to get to COLOR. Beth is known as the purple hooker, always wears purple, owns a purple car, her house is decorated in purple, you name it and its purple! She was asked by the president to show us how she uses purple in her rugs since several people wanted to use purple but were reluctant to try. In the foreground of the last "people" picture you will notice a stack of purple wool. Beth had brought this to show the different types of wool available for use. She also brought a wide selection of her rugs and wall hangings all of which had purple in a main element. I only took a few pictures - these are my favorites of the ones she showed - I hope that you enjoy them as did I.

A Santa of the woods instead of the usual red, blue or green Santa. Very innovative.

A leafy scroll with a lovely lavender background.

A patriotic barn with interesting purple trees and many purples used in the foreground. Love the foreground - its like a quilt!

All in all, a good show! Beth was most generous with her time and knowledge. She suggested that we do a swap which most of the group seemed to think was a good idea. The swap is to be a piece 6 x 18 using purple ( altho other colors can be incorporated) depicting something in the autumn. Swaps to be presented at the September meeting. Sounds like a fun project for the summer.

Remember no meeting in July because the library will be closed on the 4th of July.

I can't believe that I have done all of this - transfered pictures from the camera and written this whole blog on only one cup of coffee! My daughter is free today so we will be spending this Sunday together. As all of you know family is the most important thing to me and I am looking forward to a great day.

The quote for this blog is as follows:
Growing old is inevitable - growing up is optional.

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weaverpat said...

Hi Doris, I was glad to see you on Monday at Blue and Gray! There really are a lot of primitive hookers in the ATHA group, and they do lovely work. And young too! Hope you and Eloise keep well till I see you again!