Friday, June 26, 2009


On Saturday (after my dye class on Friday),
I rinsed and dried the wool we had dyed. On Sunday I made up the kits for each attendee. All of a sudden I was caught up on my work - the house was fairly clean, I had cleaned the kitchen after dyeing and found myself on Monday morning with a day to do what I wanted! How refreshing! When I went out to get my paper I saw these beautiful Asian Lillies in bloom. They seemed to all come into bloom at the same time. I really love them. They are so colorful in the garden.

This is a mixed group that we just planted last fall. There are some small purple flowers planted in between and the color combination is just lovely. The red beauties in the picture below have been in for about 2 years and have spread and are very full this year. Mother nature at her best.
I discovered that in addition to admiring my flowers I had time to hook - a great day. I actually worked on my new piece for 4 hours. The cat is finished and the little boy is almost done. Sorry no picture at this time - I just forgot to take one.

On Wednesday I went to my Pearl McGown guild group. This is a great group of hookers. On this particular Wednesday 4 of our members are at Carraway hooking school and several other are on vacation - so a small group this month. We met at Violets home in Florence, Md.

Violet is not only an excellent hooker but she excells at quilting. On this day she was working on a quilt for her young great grand son.

Lina and Ginny are looking at pattern books. Ginny wants to do a large oriental as her next project.

This is the center motif of the oriental that Violet is currently working on. It is truly a beauty.

Approximately one half of the rug. She has about two-thirds of the rug finished. The colors are certainly a departure from the normal Oriental but it is working up beautifully.
On Thursday I went to the hook-in at the Grant Street Woolworks in Chambersburg. What a fun place. I got there about 11 am - the first to arrive. Linda and Pat were in the sewing room where we all sat and chatted for a while before going into the shop area. Shortly after , Kathy arrived. She has finished her rug and is starting to put the edge on. Pat planned to work on her Santa rug.
Along came Patty Clark with her daughter Beth and Beth's two daughters visiting from Ohio. What a joy it was to meet Beth. I know Patty's other daughter, Sherri, but had never met Beth. Here they are talking to Linda.

Kathy and Pat working on their rugs and talking, talking. I find that I get no hooking done but Oh! the laugh's are worth it. Nothing like a day at Linda's to break the bordom of just being at home! I am ever amazed at the stock in Linda's shop. Seems to me every time I go there is more wool, more accessories and certainly more fun. I pity any hooker that has not found this shop and its owner.

As I said Kathy is finished hooking her rug. Here is a fairly good picture of it. Kathy said that she had walked a mile and a quarter on the tread mill that morning. I can vouch for the fact that there is not one inch of fat on her body. However, catch a load of those cute chubby knees (I'm LOL).

Linda is deep in thought here. She was leaving Thursday night for Pittsburg to attend a funeral. Probably not a very happy trip but we all wish her well and a safe journey.

I don't know where the time goes. Here it is Friday already and there is more laundry to do and the vacumn cleaner is standing in the corner shouting at me that it needs exercise. Womens work is truly never done - at least at my house. And so, my week is gone and now I need to plan for the week to come. Lots of hooking opertunities in the coming week. I hope to keep the hook moving and I still have a lot of dye pot experimenting to do Don't know how anyone could say that they are bored.
Quote of the day -
There is no psychistrist in the world like a puppy licking your face.
Ben Williams
Have a wonderful week.

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Kathy (woolfind) said...

Doris, I just love the pictures of your flowers. Beautiful!
Ok, there is NO proof that those are my knees. I can't see my face, can you? I think someone else is holding my rug LOL.
I had a good time, and hope to see you there again next week. I won't be going to Chambersburg on Monday either. My mil has a doctor's appointment. I could go for an hour, but I chose not too. Too much running back and forth.