Saturday, June 6, 2009


Ruth and Debbie come to me on Saturday's for lessons. Debbie is a first time hooker - has had no teacher until now and has been struggling with just getting the loops up. We have had about 4 lessons and she has accomplished this morning glory. I publish this picture of her accomplishment because I think that she has done a great job of capturing the depth and looks of the flower. We are starting to work on leaves and will work on a large rose in the center of the piece next.

This piece is Ruth's. Ruth has attended Buckeystown camp several times and has some self confidence issues when it comes to hooking. She is a really capable hooker just needs to be more sure of herself. The piece above, that she is hooking, is really charming. It is a fence, with flowers and bird houses. We have talked about what she will accomplish over the summer. Only one more lesson before we recess for the summer. Summer seems to be a time to rest and renew our spirits before starting a new season in September.

It is my habit to let Eloise go out through the back kitchen door into her play yard. I have done this for so long that I have the bad habit of not looking first. Several Friday's ago I simply opened the door and out she flew as she sighted a young raccoon in the yard. THE CHASE WAS ON! Els is very fast but fortunately the raccoon was faster in this instance and managed to get over the fence and into a tree before Els could catch him. The very next day (Saturday) Richard and Danyel came to mow the lawn and in the process Richard scared up a snake. THE CHASE WAS ON! Richard with the rake and Els wagging, barking, and running. Poor snake (just the garden variety) managed to find a hole to hide in. Poor Eloise, so tired she had to get a belly rub and words of consolation.

A few weeks ago when I had my car repaired, while I waited, I sat next to a lady who also had to wait for repairs. We engaged in conversation and discovered that neither of us had someone to take us back and forth while the car was being worked on. I am an old lady but this lady was apparently somewhat older. She told me that when she was a child that something happened in 1918 but she couldn't remember what. Also that she graduated from highschool in 1932. Mentally I started to figure her age and decided that something must be wrong with my math. She also remarked that something also happened in the 1940's and again in the 1980's. She was delightful to talk to. What was so remarkable about the whole incident was the gallentry that was shown by the very young mechanix as he escorted her to her car and saw that she was properly ensconsed, seat belt fastened, and ready to drive home. It made me smile to see a young person care so much - ah, youth, gallentry is not dead!

This darn machine is determined to beat me when it comes to choosing type faces. Hope you don't mind the change. Enough musings for this posting. I will be going to the ATHA guild meeting on Saturday and will post its happenings.

Until then, have a wonderful week. Don't forget to tell your family that you love them -



weaverpat said...

1918- the year the Great War ended and the Flu Epidemic! That lady must have been nearly 100 to have been a child then!
We really enjoyed our visit with you last weekend. It was great to meet Elouise in person or is it 'in animal'? I always wonder about that! Can't wait to see your pictures from Saturday's meeting.

Beth said...

glad to see all is well doris!! your mentioned buckeystown camp, what is that and when is it and are will talking the buckeystown near frederick?!!