Friday, January 7, 2011

A resolution lasting the shortest in the history of the world! First let me thank all of you who left comments on my last posting and all of you who sent me e-mail encouraging me to continue blogging and blogging as I wanted to. Sooo, I have resolved to do just that. It is my blog, my place to vent, my place to teach, learn and make friends. Hopefully, this will prove to be a wonderful blogging year.
Yesterday was my birthday. To celebrate I "visited" with my cardiologist and after being poked, pushed, pulled and thumped, her analysis was that nothing had changed. Looks like I am good for another 4 months until my next visit.
I moved to the Hagerstown area a little over 7 years ago. The move was made to downsize from a 13 room house to an7 room house, more the size that I needed, and to be nearer to some members of my family. Hagerstown is a western Maryland town that has seen more than its share of ups and downs. During World War11 it was a bustling manufacturing town with a railroad terminis and aircraft manufacturing plant. After the war it returned to its status of farming country. The soil is rich and the grass plush. Holsteins love it. Farming was prosperous, no need for higher education, or worldly wisdom. As you know times change. The housing boom found inexpensive land for sale. Housing sprang up everywhere. Suddenly the population grew and grew. The county and city fathers did not!
However, I have found two gems in Hagerstown. I have written in the past about the wonderful Museum of Fine Arts located in the city park. The building itself is a gem. This museum houses many art works that you would expect to see in a New York Gallery. It's other gem is the Robinwood Medical Center. A large complex of buildings joined together with a center lounge housing all of the specialty medical needs of a community. Everything that you used to go to the hospital for, with the exception of chronic problems, birthing, and operations can be taken care of at Robinwood. For instance, if you are a woman and need x-rays pertaining to woman problems go to the blue door, if you need a cardiologist go to the orange door. It is also the location of the John R. Marsh Cancer center. a truly wonderful facility.
In the past it has taken me about 20 minutes to arrive at the Orange door. In the meantime, the County and City fathers decided to build a new hospital on the same grounds. Just North of the Robinwood center is a very large complex housing the Hagerstown Community College, just South of the complex is a high school and a grade school in the midst of being built. It is planned that on the same side of the street, between the Robinwood Complex and the College a Senior Center will also be built.
This is a look at the main intersection to
the complex. It is a nightmare!
Traffic is always in a JAM! The city fathers
think that by widening the intersection they
will cure all of the problems.
I now allow an hour to go the 20 minutes from home. The citizens of Hagerstown wanted the hospital built on the outskirts of town just off of Rt. 70 with easy access. Politics and money won the battle. It boggles my mind to think of an ambulance on an emergency call trying to get to the hospital emergency entrance. Enough, Doris, Enough!
Now to answer the question what do I use for skin tones when I am dyeing for a pictorial. I was not satisfied with the material on hand when I got ready to do Adam's face in the piece that I am working on so I went back to my tried and true face colors.
This material is what I am using. It photographed
a bit darker than it is. It is Chroma Craft Formula
#11. I only dyed 4 values but usually keep
8 values of this on hand. The formula is very
simple. It is designed for strips 3 x 12. I dye
over pieces 12 x 14 so I double or triple
the dye depending on what I need it for.
1/32 Aqualon Yellow - 2/32 Mahogany in
1 cup boiling water. Measurements as
you choose. I usualy start with1/4 teaspoon.
It looks much more orange in the picture
than it is.

Or you can do as our Canadian friend Julia

did and use onion skins. (this darn computer

has a mind of its own) for skin tones. The

picture above is material dyed with light

onion skins.

This is the result when using darker skins.

Just don't use the skins from red onions.

The weather man forcast snow for this area last night. Eloise always has a reaction to the cold.

Yes, there she is folks. In the middle of that heap. Her sentiments about snow!


Jen thanks for reading my blog. It was so nice to get your comment. I have been asked to do the February program at the Boonsboro ATHA meeting. I will be showing "that rug" that you thought was Cynthia's among others. Hope to see you there! Please keep reading, I love your comments.



Julie said...

Dear Doris

I don't know what it is about Jack Russels but they sure do love to tunnel and hide! My Maddy does too. She is a short leg, broken coat and very sassy!

Thanks for your story about your town, it was interesting!

jen said...

Can't wait to see the rug in February! I do love reading your blog..puts a smile on my face!


Kim said...

Hi Doris,
I work for gov't but sometimes scratch my head at the decisions our elected "fathers" make. Sometimes I wonder if they even bother to read the staff reports!

Glad you broke your resolution!

Julia said...

Doris, I feel so much better that you decided to do your thing rather than being made to feel guilty. I'm glad that you broke your new year's resolution.

I've learned a while back during some spiritual guidance, that I should never make any decisions when I'm in desolation because the outcome usually will not be good.

It seems now that everywhere we go, there's more and more roads get to where it used to take us a few minutes to get there but now it takes us longer.

I hope that you and your furry companion, Eloise stay safe and warm. Have a great weekend Doris.


Rugs and Pugs said...

Doris ~
I enjoy everything about your blog and am so happy you aren't going to change to make someone else happy. You've earned the right to do as you darn well please! I remember when my mom turned 70 she said that she could say whatever she wanted, and boy did she ever! Then when she turned 80 she was even more of a pistol!
I am a lot like Eloise when it comes to the cold. I want to be in Florida like Eema and Cher.
Pug hugs :)

Kathy (woolfind) said...

Great tips on the flesh tones, thanks for sharing.
When we moved here, our doctors were in Hagerstown due to the insurance my husband had in MD. We had to drive to Robinwood for everything, and it was a great place. I still think that the doctors there are better than here in our area. I haven't seen the new Hospital. I frequented the old one for quite a while with George's and Craig's medical problems. I bet the new one is nice.

Orange Sink said...

Hi Doris,
I'm catching up on my blog reading today and had to go back and read your older posts! I am so glad you opted for the freedom to post what you want to. Although when family members are reading I guess it becomes more difficult. You do a fine job blogging and one of the benefits for family members is that there is a written history of your thoughts and inspirations! And photos to boot! Carry on dear friend...... keep blogging and never give up on what is yours and sharing with us all the priceless treasures you have in memory and the rugs and knowledge you have! (and that cutie Eloise!) How blessed we are that you are blogging and enjoying it!
Cathy G