Sunday, January 16, 2011


What is it with garages? How do they get in such a state? Mine is a mess. I have two 18 foot freezers in the garage and I go to them frequently. Since I live some distance from the grocery and I have a teaching schedule to keep and I love going to hook-in's, I try to cook ahead and keep several months food on hand, especially in the winter.

See that tennis ball hanging in front of the freezers - that is the guide for how far you can pull a car into the garage (LOL - big laugh, folks) No car has ever seen this garage.
This is Richard's side of the garage. It contains a riding lawn mower and every tool known to mankind. Plus odd chairs and rug cleaning equipment.
There is a bookcase down the center of the garage also containing tools and on my side of the garage another riding lawn mower. Along with some general chaos and my beautiful wooden bench that is on the deck in the summer.

On the inside wall next to the freezers is this wall shelving and counter with storage underneath. It houses small appliances not used daily and extra pots and tupper ware and baking dishes since my kitchen cabinets are full. Guess I should have a yard sale but I like my "things" - just have too many.

On the far wall, my side of the garage, is all of my dyeing equipment along with many jars of unused dye. I am a dye saver. When I mix a formula if I don't use it all I store it in a jar for later use. I find this a handy time and money saver.
The place is a mess. It is to cold now but when spring comes there is going to be a change. When I mention this to Richard his response is "It's a work in progress and will be as long as you live here." I know that he is right.
I was getting something from the freezer last week when I spotted a box that I had not noticed before. This has happened a number of times since we moved here. At first, I rented two lockers and stored all of the extra's in the lockers. Little by little things were brought to the house and either kept or discarded. Most boxes were gone thru and taken care of - but here was a box that I didn't recognize. Upon opening it I found the following treasured items.
Four absolutely beautiful oval Nantucket Basket molds. They were filthy dirty. I spent much time cleaning and waxing them. These, of course, belonged to my late daughter.

Eight graduated round Nantucket Basket molds. If there are any basket makers among my blog readers you know that these are priceless tools. I know that these were furnished to her by her friend and internationally know basket maker John McGuire of Geneva, N. Y.

This last picture is a closeup so that you can see the beauty of the woods in these lovely handmade molds. Altho they may never be used again, their beauty is almost breath taking. Now it is the problem of how to display them in my home. I love just looking at the beautiful craftsmanship and the combinations of woods.
I noticed that I have several new followers of my blog. Thank you for taking the time to join me as I go through my moments in time. I so appreciate your comments and enjoy knowing that there are others out there in blog land. Thanks for stopping by my garage tour. Hopefully next time it will be neater!


weaverpat said...

LOL! Doris, at least you have 'organized' confusion! I love the picture of the appliances arranged on shelves. I wish I had such a nice area. Amazing isn't it how we can fill up our storage spaces in so little time!
The basket molds are lovely! What an honor to have had John McGuire as a mentor! He's a legend in Nantucket and Shaker basketry. They deserve to be displayed and enjoyed.

Kim said...

The basket molds are beautiful. I'm sure will find a way to display them in your home.
I don't have a garage but my basement is clutter central. I don't think I will ever be brave enough to post photos of it though.

Julia said...

Doris, your garage is very well organized and after all is a place to store things and a car and you are lucky to have this storage space.

What a nice surprise to find your daughter's Nantucket basket molds. They will look nice displayed in your home.

I wouldn't be brave enough to show you my garage or my shed. I still have a lot of my unused ceramic molds taking up most of the place and the rest is just put here and there wherever there's a square inch of space. JB

Take care,

Rugs and Pugs said...

Doris ~
I am so happy you are still blogging about your life and decided not to stick solely to rug hooking :)
I, too, cannot keep a garage or basement clean! I have just enough room to squeeze my car in. Today I have to head to the basement to clean up because I am having a new furnace installed tomorrow and must make room for the workers. Now that is AFTER I finish with all my Christmas decorations. I am close but still not done. Then I have a 5:00 date with my grandson, so I guess I'd better get busy!
Those molds are absolutely beautiful! Perhaps you can have a special shelf made for them? They are too lovely not to display them and hopefully will make you smile when you see them knowing they were used by your daughter. I used to weave baskets, but never made any Nantucket lightship baskets.
Big hugs to you and Eloise :)

Joanne said...

Well Doris - All I can say is your are lucky to even have a garage! That is something my husband and both would love to have! We always laugh when we pass houses and their garage doors are open and cars in the driveway! Just teasing - who am I to talk - I'm sure if I had a garage it would fast become a storage room - LOL! The basket molds are beautiful - what treasures you found in your own garage!