Tuesday, January 18, 2011


It began to snow about 5 pm on Monday evening, just a lightly snow that felt a bit wet. Not big flakes, not small flakes, just white fluff drifing down from the heavens above. Eloise and I did not think much about it since it had been forcast most of the day. We went to bed at our usual time and were surprised when we arose this morning to see about 2 inches on the ground.

Wonder whose foot prints these are?
Well, white on white, with a bit of
brown so she can be seen in the snow.
For someone that hates rain she is
very adept with snow.

Look closely at the left hand side of the
picture. These are my neighbors horses
picking for grass thru the snow.
This was a very picturesque scene and
oh, so peaceful and serene,

This hand carved Antelope normally stands
on the hearth in my family room. We
moved it outdoors for Christmas since
we were having a small child in attendance.
He looks wonderful in the snow.
So regal!
Richard came this afternoon with his
shovel. He purchased a snow blower
last year but still prefers to shovel.
Silly boy!
This was my first knowledge that
there was an inch of ice on top of
the snow. What a slippery mess.

These are the scenes that I love. When I
see these barren branches against the sky
I know that Mother Nature is showing us
the beauty of her world.

The curving lacyness of these branches
are a thing of beauty to me and inspire me
to know that all will be right with
the world.

Upright branches against a molton sky.
Hard to find a more beautiful sight.
It's the small things of life that are so
important, just looking around us and
seeing our world for what it is.


weaverpat said...

Beautiful pictures, Doris!
The scene with the horses is my favorite.
Funny that Eloise hates rain but loves snow. She's so cute!

Kim said...

Wonderful photos Doris. I love that antelope - he does look great in the snow. Be careful of that ice!

Joanne said...

Nice pics Doris - After shoveling this afternoon I couldn't find anything pretty in the wet mess! heheheheh Eloise is adorable - did she curl up in her nest under the covers when she came in from the cold?

Kathy (woolfind) said...

Nice pictures. Glad you have someone to come and shovel for you. Stay in, stay safe and stay warm...

Anonymous said...

The pictures are so serene! Absolutely beautiful!!

Rugs and Pugs said...

Doris ~
Love the pictures! Hopscotch loves romping in the snow, too, but she is all puppy. Thank you for sharing.
Like Kathy said, please stay warm and safe!
Hugs :)

Pamela Terry and Edward said...

Congratulations, Doris!
Your number was chosen as the winner of the book, Stealing Magnolias, on my blog tonight! Do send me your mailing address and I'll get it right out to you.
My email address is on my sidebar! I'm happy you won, I know you'll adore this lovely book!!