Wednesday, January 26, 2011


I have been very frustrated for the past week and unable to update my blog because my computer has a mind of its own! For some unknow reason, to me, the computer decided to no longer tell me where it was putting my pictures when I transferred them from the camera. I find using the computer one big mystery - even Basil Rathbone could not solve.

On Saturday Traci, Elinor and I ventured to Sterling, Va. to the Goose Creek Hookers Hook-in. This turned out to be a great adventure. First, we decided to listen to Tom-Tom but we didn't like what the lady was telling us so we looked at MapQuest that Traci had printed out. Very conflicting instructions. After about an hour, and a few run-abouts we arrived at our destination. Believe it or not, we were a bit early so ventured to the shopping center to visit McDonalds. That proved to be another interesting trip. The layout of the shopping center was done by a cross-eyed engineer and confusion reigned!

However, we did finally get something to eat and then were on our way back to the church meeting place. This proved to be a most delightful hook-in. My guess is that about 75-100 people were in attendance. It was held in the church recreation hall, a very large room, with several smaller rooms leading off of the main corridor. The room was extremely well lit, which is so important to hookers. The smaller rooms housed the vendors leaving plenty of room in the main area for hookers. A most pleasing arrangement. The co-chair persons, Anne Geiger and MaryAnne Harden, did a wonderful job of preparing and seeing that everyone was confortable. Raffles were held every hour on the hour and a very nice rug show also was hung for all to see.

The following pictures are from that show. I did not attempt to get all of the rugs nor did I get names of those that hooked the rugs or titles of the rugs. I hope that you will enjoy seeing what some of the rug makers in Virginia are creating.

This study in color was created by
Sarah Provence

This is a close-up of parts of a pillow. The
flowers are all three dimensional

An overall view of the pillow. It was
much more beautiful than my picures
A very nice half-round in the
crewel style

I don't know whose piece this is but I do
know that several attendees were from
the Nova Scotia Guild - was someone
there from Wales????

A very nice pictorial
Another color study by Sarah Provence

An interesting design

I loved the pastels of this rug. I belive that
the flowers were prodded

As last years hook-in the chapter offered a
challenge to its members and attendees to
do a snowman piece. This is one of the
finished pieces
A different snowman

A third interpretation of the snow man
I hope you have enjoyed this little rug show. This was the nicest hook-in that I have ever attended. Enough room to set up and actually hook and yet room to visit with friends and meet new people. Well organized and a well thought out plan by the chairpersons. If you have an opportunity to attend next year I recommend you do so. A good time was had by all.
It is snowing and sleeting in Maryland today. A thoroughly miserable day. I put on a pot of spicy bean soup early this morning. The whole house has a wonderful aroma of soup cooking. My latest rug project is on the hooking stand waiting for the hook to do its work and I have several good books to read. The book that I won from Pamela Terry's House of Edward arrived yesterday and it is a beauty. I have only looked at the first few pages and can't wait to read it. Eloise is tucked up in bed with several blankets around her. On a cold snowy day what more could a person ask for?


Kim said...

Lots of pretty rugs. It sounds like you had a great time plus a little adventure on the way.
Soup is so perfect on a crappy weather day. Add some warm biscuits to top it off.
Keep Eloise all bundled up!

Orange Sink said...

What a treat to see all the rugs and hear of your adventures to the hook-in! It sounds like the organizers really did a great job!
Love the prodded pillow..... so much texture and wonderful use of different hooking techniques! Glad you and Eloise are snuggled in and staying warm and well fed!!
I hope your computer stays working so we hear more good words from your neck of the woods!
Cathy G

Rugs and Pugs said...

Doris ~
So good to hear from you. I hope your computer is now behaving!
Thanks so much for sharing your adventure to the hook-in and all the rugs. It was a treat to see them.
Hugs to Eloise :)

moosecraft said...

Thanks so much for the rug show! Always a treat to see what everyone is hooking! That sheep pillow is gorgeous!

Beth said...

doris... I think I will plan on going next year to this show ..sounds great!! Could I have the recipe for spicy bean soup.. sounds delicious... Ive been on a soup run lately... happy reading.. Im reading some great books too...!

weaverpat said...

Hi Doris,
Glad you managed to get your computer to accept your pictures. It is so frustrating when they don't want to cooperate.
The rugs are lovely! That sounds like a nice enjoyable hook-in with lots of room to spread out and enjoy the company of other hookers.
LOL! Zip doesn't like to listen to those GPS ladies either! I keep wondering why we bought one!
Glad you got there and back safely in spite of ambiguous directions.
Eloise has the right idea for getting through the dreary winter days. Where's my blanket???