Saturday, May 22, 2010

In my last blog I told you that we were having trouble with groundhogs. I have been doing a lot of research on them on this fancy machine and while I knew that they were destructive I had no idea just how destructive they really were. Richard (my grandson) tells me that the passage that they have made from the center of our barn to the stone wall in the garden, is about 50 feet long! Obviously, they have created several rooms off of the passage and could, if allowed to continue, undermine the whole center of our barn. We set up the two traps that we borrowed from our neighbor and have had the following results. After 2 days we caught an adult, male or female, who knows?? During the next 2 days we trapped 3 babies. See picture below. Two babies in the trap. The one on the left is eating the apple and both seem to be content to be in the trap. Not to fear, all of you animal lovers out there - they have had humane treatment. They simply have a new address - and it's not heaven!

In the meantime, the Iris continue to give me and my neighbors candy for the eye.
Beautiful yellow with red/purple falls.

A beautiful amber color - new this year to my garden. I have just placed another order with Exline Iris Gardens, located in Berkley Springs, W.Va., for delivery this August.
The weather is beautiful, the wind chimes on the deck are singing and all is right with the world.


weaverpat said...

Cute little things, those babies! Too bad they are so pesky and destructive. And yes they will undermine foundations to buildings if allowed to reproduce and burrow unhindered. Their digging abilities are unbelievable!

Thank you for the lovely iris pictures!

Orange Sink said...

oh they are sooooo cute! that is until your barn comes tumbling down! Glad they have found a new home! Your irises are gorgeous. I have always been intrigued by them. I have a patch of black ones that are just now starting to open! Cathy G

Kathy (woolfind) said...

glad you found a new home for the furry critters! And I love the flowers. Sooo pretty.

Beth said...

doris the amber iris is stunning... one of my favorites to date...the groundhogs.. oh my I never knew they were that destructive...!! glad your grandson got rid of them!