Friday, May 14, 2010


I didn't think that I would be posting so soon again. When my mom put up the new fence last summer I thought that that was the end of my adventures. No way to get out of this fence. It is high, and all of the gates have springs and locks on them. But guess what - an adventure came to me! A groundhog had been living at our barn. It decided to invade my territory! It is very big - I weight 22 lbs. and it is bigger than me. My mom saw it run thru my play yard one day last week. It was a real surprise because she couldn't figure how it got in to my domain. Richard discovered that it had dug a new hole (in and out holes) near the fence that is closest to the pasture.
Here I am at the back door deciding if I should go out. I understand that groundhogs don't like for other animals to be near their holes. It is really BIG but J.R. terriers are bred to hunt and go down holes = thats why we have our tails docked. Then our masters can grab our tail and pull us out of the holes that we dive into.

I still think that surveying my domain is important. I was doing this earlier in the week when I discovered something else about this groundhog. I disappeared! My mom couldn't find me. She panicked!! After calling me a few times she went down stairs to change over the laundry and looked out the sliding doors. Guess what she saw. Under the deck, up near the foundation to the house, my rear end was sticking out of a large hole. Yep! the groundhog has been under our new deck and made herself a new house. Richard came the next day and blocked up the hole with rocks so my adventures under the house have come to an end. You can believe that I have checked out every square inch of my play yard. That darn beast has been everywhere in my territory!

In the meantime, I am still looking out of the window by the computer. I can watch the neighbors walk their dogs from this vantage point. I can bark at them and act as tho I am just as big Max, the golden retriever that walks with Wendy every day.
My mom says that she will call our neighbor, Sandy, who has a groundhog trap and perhaps we can borrow it and take care of that varmit soon so that I can be safe in my own yard.

In the meantime I continue to do what I do best. It just taks a small amount of time to fix this bed to suit my needs. Hope all of you are high and dry. This weather sure keeps a girl mixed up - cold, then hot and now foggy and rainy. Just don't know what to wear!!!!

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weaverpat said...

Oh, Eloise! It's just not fair that a girl has to deal with such a pesky critter!
Just don't be going down any holes after it!!! Your Mom doesn't need that kind of stress!
You sure look cute covered up in bed. The best place to be on these damp chilly days.