Monday, May 17, 2010


What better to do on a rainy day than up date your blog. I must admit that yesterday was a beautiful one. I was out on the deck quite a while yesterday and spent some time walking around the front of the house. This is a view of the Iris along the fence line. They seem to be in full bloom just now altho there are still a few late bloomers to come. I have had several e-mails from my neighbors telling me that they are enjoying their beauty. I'm glad that I'm not the only one that thinks this is a beautiful scene.
The deck furniture is in place and daughter Joan gave me the flower centerpiece that is on the table plus a hanging basket and I have purchased several other pots of flowers. It is beginning to be the most pleasant place to be. Love having my coffee on the deck in the morning!

I deliberately took this view from the deck. Look Pat and Linda - there really is a barn. Off to the right hand side of the picture. In this view it looks as tho it is very close to the deck. Believe me it is quite a walk from the house to be barn - just an illusion in this picture.
I did go to the hook-in at Chambersburg last week. I know that many pictures have been published of that day but perhaps the few I post here will be a bit different. I am ever amazed at the number of hookers coming to the Thursday hook-ins. Its popularity is growing by leaps and bounds. If you haven't joined us for a day of fun and hooking you are really missing a good time.

Jill and Linda posing like good girls after a face making session.

Ellen joined us for the first time. This is her first rug - can you believe it? I was much taken with the colors that she is using and also very interested in the arrangement of the design. She has just retired and will be leaving for a vacation lasting about 6 weeks. After that she will be joining one of my classes and I look forward to working with her.

Ellen is sorting thru some wool with Jill. Sorry. I only got this side view of Ellen.
Kathy dilligently working on her rug. Love the glasses halfway down the nose! I'm sure the nose has 20-20 vision,.

Sorry, I don't know this sweet lady's name- She comes most weeks and is working on her very first piece.
In the week that has followed this hook-in I have been in the dye pots and almost have all of the dyeing done for the strawberry sculpting class. I have the handouts ready and am starting to make up the kits. I have continued to work on Kris Kringle and have finished the sculpting on that piece and have finally decided how I will handle the snow that Kris is standing on. Geesh! decisions, decisions!
It is a gray, rainy day. Eloise is belly up in the bed and I am getting ready to shower, dress and go over to the Robinwood Medical Facility. Today is Mammogram day. While I don't look forward to it, it is necessary for all of us gals to get taken care of. I tell myself that the pain only lasts 30 seconds, with no lasting effects. Certainly any woman can stand 30 seconds of pain in order to assure herself that all is well.
We have set two traps for the ground hogs but they are still eluding us. I will stop at the store and get more apples to bait the traps with, on my way home. Ah! women's work is never done. Guess these critters are smarter than I thought they were.
Have to stop now and get some things done. Hope all of you have a wonderful day with lots of love and laughs.


weaverpat said...

Hi Doris,
The iris along the fence is lovely! The deck looks sooo inviting! I want to come and spend summer at your house!!!
A-ha! The barn! Funny how I've never noticed it down there before. Thanks for the picture!

Hope all goes well with the mammogram. They're not fun but VERY IMPORTANT!!! Don't put them off, ladies!

Anonymous said...

Doris, your yard is beautiful!!! I believe you should host an evening hook in one day for all of us to hook on your deck!! I will cook the food!!! By the way, you take the best made me look so much better!! Everyone elses pictures i look horrible....I LOVE YOU! I LOVE YOU! I LOVE YOU!!

Kim said...

Doris, your property looks so lovely and inviting. I was picturing myself sitting on the deck at that lovely table sipping something yummy!