Friday, May 28, 2010


I love going to Grant Street Woolworks on Thursday's for the hook-in with friends. This is an informal gathering where people come and go between 10 in the morning and 9 at night. Come when you please, stay as long as you like, dress casually, bring a sandwich and if you are so inclined, some cookies to share with others. Ideas are exchanged, good friendships are made and lots of laughs are shared.

Some weeks the place is so crowded you can hardly get a seat. Yesterday there were few in attendance. It was very hot and also the beginning of the holiday weekend. I personally enjoy the Thursday's with fewer people because you get to see more of the rugs being hooked and get into lenghtier and more meaningful conversations.

When I arrived, Pat was already there as well as Ellen. I didn't take any pictures of Pat's project because it is a challenge piece and therefore a surprise. I would like to say however, that she is using very soft colors, just beautiful, and the workmanship is as lovely as ever. Ellen is still working on her geometric which I posted a picture of last week.
This is Jill's rug. She started this during the Norma Batastini workshop and is almost finished. When we looked at the rug together she noted that she was loosing some of the birds. I agreed and we thought a little outlining would help. Then I took this picture! We couldn't believe how the birds showed up in the picture but not to the naked eye. It is all an illusion when you are hooking.
This is Linda's rug. It is progressing very nicely. I love the birds and the softness of the flowers. It is a takeoff of a crewel design meant to be done in a primitive fashion.

Judith's pictorial, also started during Batastini workshop. I love the windows in this piece. She is really doing a great job with this. There is much detail in this design and sometimes that is very hard to capture when hooking with wide strips.

Last but not least, Ellen, Pat and Judith, hard at work. Sorry I didn't get a picture of Kathy's rug. Her "My House" rug is coming along at a great pace and is looking really good. I'm still working on Kris Kringle and am almost finished. The design is completed and I am just hooking the border on.
I wish everyone a happy holiday - may you be safe if you decide to travel on this busy weekend - enjoy your cookout's and tell your family how much you love them. Until next time, Eloise and I wish you health and happiness.
Sidebar -
Total groundhog count - 2 adults, 3 babies - all in new homes.


katie said...

Beautiful rugs, loved them all.
Rug Hooking gatherings are such a treat.
Thank you for sharing yours.

weaverpat said...

Hi Doris,
So glad we had a chance to talk yesterday. It was a nice quiet group. Less excitement, more hooking!
Have a wonderful Memorial Day weekend. Is there a cookout planned?
Take care and I'll be in touch with you next week!

Kathy (woolfind) said...

wish you would have shown a pic of the rug you are finishing. Love the background.
Have a wonderful holiday weekend, hope you spend it with family and friends.