Monday, January 25, 2010


The word dilemma according to the dictionary means: A problem seemingly incapable of a satisfactory answer. I think I have a dilemma! Those of you that have been to my home know that in my living room I have three of my rugs. Two are on the floor and one is hung above my couch. My friend Traci was here last Thursday and while looking at the rugs discovered that something didn't look right on the rug in front of my curio cabinet. This is the rug. It was designed by Pearl McGown and is called Japanese Wedding Plate. Strange name because I took the color plan from a Chinese Celedon Wedding Plate. I first saw this rug many years ago at a 5 day workshop held at the Garrison School for Girls in Baltimore. I think the year was 1973. I fell in love with the design, purchased the pattern and carried it around with me for many years. I finally hooked it in 2006. It has been on my living room floor since 2008.
I thought you might like to see a couple of close ups. This rug was not placed in a high traffic area nor was it placed where the sun could hit it directly.

It happens to be one of my favorite rugs. It was a prize winner at the 2007 Maryland State Fair.

Look carefully at the tree branches. The brown is bleeding onto the background. This is what Traci saw when she looked at the rug. I can't figure out what has happened. The rug is not where it could get wet from shoes. Traci and I both smelled the rug - Eloise has not "mistaked" on it. She is completely housebroken and would rather die than mess in the house.
The background wool in this rug is Celedon Green purchased from Dorr some years ago. I don't think that they produce this color any more - I think they now call it Mint - and it is slightly different. All I did to the background wool was wash it before I used it. The brown wool is the only wool in the rug that I didn't dye myself. I am not looking to blame anyone for this bleeding but I am looking for an answer to the problem so I can keep it from happening again.
In the meantine, I have taken the rug up and replaced it with this rug.
This is also a McGown design that I hooked some years ago. I have forgotten the name of this rug so I just call it Autumn Leaves.
While I was at it I decided to take up the rug in front of the couch - maybe I just needed new scenery - so I put down "Double Caswell Carpet" a Quail Hill design. The rugs above were all hooked with a #3 cut but his rug is hand cut - approximately a 5 or 6 width. It is 3-1/2 by 7 feet long and this is the best I could do to get a picture of the whole rug.

This picture shows the entire end of the rug and is repeated on the other end of the rug.

This is a close up of the center of the rug.

I hope that all of you rug makers out there will leave me a comment if you have any ideas about the cause of the bleeding. I have eliminated sun, water and animal discharge. I have 4 rugs that have been on the floor continually since 1975 and have never had a problem like this. Help me find a solution to the problem.
In the mean time, I hope you have enjoyed a peek at these three rugs and that you continue to read my blog.
Happy hooking one and all!:)


Joanne said...

Doris - that is a mystery - haven't ever heard of that? Could humidity have done it? I don't know - just grabbing at straws here - hope someone knows what i is - be interested to know.

weaverpat said...

Hi Doris,
That is strange! I don't have a clue what could have happened. And possibly anything you could do to try to remove the staining may only make it worse. Does the stain go the whole way down through to the back or is it only on the surface?

Hope to see you Thurs.

wendalia said...

humidity was my thought also, I'd contact dorr and see if perhaps they still have some, or post on some rug hooker groups. do you have any scraps remaining. If you do repair it I'd rehook the brown close to it with brown you dyed yourself. I'm real wary of hooking anything I didn't dye.