Saturday, January 16, 2010

A Nothing Week!

I have not updated by blog because I have been leading a very boring life. I guess it's the weather - I've just wanted to stay in the house and do as I pleased.

Last Saturday my daughter Joan came over to spend the day. It was a late celebration of my birthday. We did lots of things with the computer, she is much more knowledgable about this gadget then I am. After playing around for a while we went shopping. Our shopping plan was to go to Michael's for some shelves for her and some candles for me. I couldn't believe it - their $6 and $10 candles were on sale for $1.00. I treated myself to four - a big shopping!

We had invited Richard and Danyel to join us for a late luncheon at the Red Lobster (my favorite sea food place) and found ourselves with time to spare. This resulted in going to the Valley Mall where we always find something to spend our money on - good gracious - no will power! I did buy myself a birthday present at Joan's urging. I got a new winter jacket since she insisted that I have been wearing the same one for 12 years and she thought it time for a change. However, they were having a sale so 70% off sounded good to me and it truly is a very pretty jacket. After that a lovely luncheon at Red Lobster and then home to Eloise.

During the rest of last week I played bridge on the computer, a game that I love. I also worked on the rug that I started with Cynthia Norwood in November. It should be finished but bridge takes a lot of time! Speaking of Cynthia, I was distressed to hear of her illness. I did e-mail her and have received a very sweet reply from her. For all of you who have not heard from her, she is doing well, taking her medicine and planning to take about 6 months off or until the doctor gives her the word to return to teaching all of us.

My friend Traci invited me to go to Chambersburg to the Grant Street Woolworks last Thursday. We had a delightful day of hooking and laughing with Linda, Kathy and Barb. Linda's son Aaron is here visiting and he joined us and gave us lots of laughs. Of course, Louis and Bo were also in the hooking room looking for pats and food. Linda treated us all to roasted potatoes for lunch. A good time was had by all.

Here it is Saturday and I got up with good intentions. I planned to get the few last Christmas things put away, tidy up the kitchen, wash my hair and do some laundry. When I was eating my breakfast I had the notion to bake some cup cakes so as soon as I finished eating I got them going and into the oven. I tidied up and did a few small things while they were cooking and was ready to wash my hair when the oven told me the cup cakes were ready. As I took them out of the oven Richard and Danyel arrived. We started talking and I was telling them that I had been thrown off of POGO because I didn't pay my dues so I couldn't play bridge anymore. That started a whole long session with the computer. Glad to report that I am now in the good graces of POGO and can again play bridge. Also, they talked me into going on face book, so they have set that up for me. Hope I am smart enough to contact my friends and have a good time with it. In the mean time, no hair wash, cup cakes not frosted, no laundry done, Christmas things still to be put away, but all in all a pleasant Saturday.

Hopefully, this evening I will get a bit of hooking done. I am really pleased with this new rug. I especially love the background. The rug is called "Amish" and is an Old Sturbridge Village pattern that I purchased from Cushings. I have made a few changes in the design that better suits my purpose and I think makes the design more semetric. I will post a picture as soon as I have a bit more worked.

Well, that's it for my week. I hope that all of you had a more productive and interesting week than I had. Hopefully, as the days get longer and the weather warmer things will also get more interesting.

In 1964 the Rev. Martin Luther King. Jr. received the Nobel Peace Prize. Happy birthday Rev. King!



weaverpat said...

Hi Doris,
These deep winter months have to be the worst of the year! Motivation just goes down the drain! Wish I could have made it to Grant St. to see you. Can't wait to check out your latest rug. And next month we have some excitement. I'm looking forward to the J H Green class! Hope it doesn't snow!!!

Joanne said...

Hi Doris - sounds like you had a good birthday and a good week. Hy another useless fact - did you know that "Martin" wasn't the name on MLK, Jr's birth certificate? It was Michael.

Doris said...