Monday, February 1, 2010


The weather man said we would get a dusting. HaHaHa!!! It "dusted" up to 7 inches when I measured the height of the snow on my picnic table. The table is in a sheltered spot and does not get blowing snow so it is pretty accurate.

It started about 9 am on Saturday morning and didn't quit until about 9 that evening. Richard and Danyel came Saturday morning and brought in loads of wood for the wood stove and I kept it roaring all day long. For those of you that didn't get snow I thought you would like to see some pics of my property. This is a view from the deck.

The barn and part of the deck. I love the snow caps on the top of the railing.

The sky was so beautiful. In the winter I love the looks of the spidery tree limbs against the sky. They are truly beautiful. An art lovers dream.

This is Eloise's path to her favorite spot in the yard. She loves the snow but hates the cold. If it would snow in July she would be happy. She loves to roll in it and make snow angels with her body!

This is the front railing. The bird feeder and a flower pot are wearing hats of snow.

The snow and cold was reason enough for staying inside but in addition I had a runny nose and sore throat. So a good excuse to stay quiet on Sunday. As a result I finished the hooking on my latest project. I now have to clean the back and check to see that I didn't skip any spots. I also have to dye the wool and binding for the finishing. I plan to do both of these things today. In addition, on Sunday I put away all of the leftover wool from this project. I'm so proud of myself! I almost never take the time to do that I'm in such a hurry to get to the new project. I must admit that the hooking room looks pretty good at this point. I don't think that my table will ever be completely clean but after all a girl has to have a place to lay her tools and assortment of junk.
My new project will be to finish an already started rug. Since I have 5 unfinished projects I'm not sure yet what I will tackle. It gives me something to think about today while I am doing the laundry. Today promises to be busy if I get everything done on my "to do" list. Time to get started.
Take care of yourselves and keep warm. Eloise and I send our love to all of you.


Kathy (woolfind) said...

gorgeous shots of the snow. Glad we didn't get any! You can keep it all there :).
See you the next time you are out at Grantstreet!

weaverpat said...

Hi Doris,
A 'dusting'??? Kind of reminds me of the 'dusting' of cat hair in my house! LOL!!! The snow pictures are lovely. We only got a few flurries.
Hope you are feeling better. Maybe the weather will warm up a bit and we can both get out of the house.
Can't wait to see the finished rug!
Hi to Eloise!

Kim said...

Hi Doris,
In Nova Scotia we got "dusted" with about a foot of the white stuff. My back deck looks similar to yours with cute little snow caps along the railing.

Beth said...

wow.... this was a crazy storm...!! i got caught out in it and is was very, very slippery..really weird!!! maybe our paths will cross one of these days!