Wednesday, February 4, 2009

When I awakened the other morning the world was like a winter wonder land. I couldn't help myself, I had to take a picture. My barn, which needs a good paint job generally looks very run down but on this morning looked so pretty.

All in all, a good day to stay home and just enjoy. I put a nice fire in the wood stove and sat for a long time just watching the flames. My woodstove is fitted with a screen so that "fire watching" becomes part of staying warm!

I have finished hooking one of the samples that I want to show my sculpting workshop. The workshop is not until March 14th but I thought that I had better get going on samples. I do often work better to deadlines, like so many people but I thought that I would like to keep the "panic" out of my life for once.

I felt a little tired yesterday so did lots of little chores that required a lot of sitting down! I got extra materials ready for my "stitches class" and checked out the pattern again. I am most grateful to Pat Wenger for her great design. I talked with Pat about 6 weeks ago and told what elements I need in a sampler. I can't draw a straight line with a ruler!! - so I just put circles on a piece of paper where I wanted the different elements to be and she has come up with a truly workable and very cute design. I hope that any of you that have a special needs pattern will contact her at the Grant Street Woolery in Chambersburg. I have not taken a picture of the pattern because I want my students to see it first.

I put some 1/2 yard pieces to soak yesterday so am planning to get in the dye pots before the morning is over. Perhaps I will have some pretty wool to show you in my next blog.

I said in the beginning of my blog life that I would try to include a picture of a rug in each posting. I have been a bit remiss in this so for this blog I have what I think is a beautiful one. It is called Empress, a Persian Oriental, design by Pearl McGown and Hooked by Kristen Aymar. Altho it doesn't look like it in the pictures, this rug is 3" by 5" in size. I hope you enjoy the beauty of this rug.

Close up of corner and center motif show the colors much better.

well, enough said for today. I'm off to the dye pots! Have good day with lots of positive thoughts and love for everyone.

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