Sunday, February 15, 2009

I could not resist taking this picture. This was Eloise immediately after everyone left. She was so tired - mostly because she did not get a lot of attention during the day altho she got Caroline's number and was the recipient of some cheese to munch.

Well, my Valentine's day was a success and I sure hope yours was. Hope you spent it with your loved one and good friends. My best wishes for a great week for all - lots of hooking and lots of fun.

(needless to say this belongs at the end)

Whe I looked at Kathy's blog yesterday I had to agree with her. Last week was a week to forget! If it could go wrong it did and in a big way but I have decided not to dwell on that and to move on, after all Friday th 13th has come and gone and things have to get better.

I went to the Blue and Gray meeting in Gettysburg last Monday. Joan had brought two finished rugs for show. One was a geometric probably best described as a quilt blocks type of rug and the other a pictoral. Both were lovely. Marian had a new project she showed us. It is a vase of flower hooked on a coarse woven wool that has been spot dyed with a beautiful rust color, making no background hooking necessary. She has just started working on this piece and her flower were absolutely beautiful! Of course, I took pictures, however, one of last week misfortunes is that the camera has jostled in my purse and the pictures were in video and unsuitable for posting on my blog. I hope these rugs will be shown again so that I can get some decent pictures for all three were lovely.

Yesterday was my stitches workshop. Five pople attended and I do think that it was a fun time even tho it was intense work. I always feel I learn more from these workshops than the students. The thing that I learned from this one is that I should allow more time to teach all of these stitches - perhaps a ten to three or four workshop. That way it would not be so intense and there would be more time for fun. I have some pictures to show you.

This is the stitches sampler that Pat Wenger designed for me. She is with Linda at the Grant Street Woolery. What a wonderful job she did on this. All of the hookers really liked the pattern.

It lent itself very well to all of the stitches we were learning about and also gives some latitude as to where you can put your decorative work.

Ron and Caroline hard at work. I don't think that any of us thought that we would work so hard on Valentines day!

This is a closeup of Sherri prodding her sun. She decided to clip the ends of her prod like a shaggy flower and it was remarkably effective. We all liked what she was doing. I think that when I complete my pattern I will try to do this kind of sun.

Here you see Traci, Sherri and Patti all hard at work. Traci's hair looks frustrated! Such concentration!

We all know that after a hard day of hooking we are very tired. You get especially tired if you have been supervising for hours with out much response to your suggestions.

My computer is having a breakdown - it told me it could not post my blog properly and I believe it! Hope you can make heads and tails of this posting.

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Kathy (woolfind) said...

Hey Doris,

Sad to hear you had a tough week too! Hope this week proves to be much more positive for you. I know I'm thinking positive. No use thinking negatively. Sorry I missed blue and grey. Sounds like it was a really nice time. Loved the pictures you shared of everyone at your stitches class. Glad it was a success for you, and everyone looked like they were having a good time. Hope to see you in Chambersburg soon..