Saturday, January 31, 2009

Its hard to believe that January is over already. Time seems to be flying by and I wonder if I am standing still. It amazes me that some days seem so short and others never end. Perhaps it has something to do with the weather. Days that I can't get out of the house seem forever

Barb came again on Friday for her lesson and I took these pictures of her sampler. I am pleased with the progress she has made on this. It is almost finished and we are talking about her next project. She likes the strawberries best so I took a closeup of them for all to see.

I have had some very positive feedback on the dyeing workshop which makes me feel very good about doing the workshops. The ladies all seem to have had a good time. The dyeing turned out beautifully. I have the kits all packed and and will mail the out of town ones on Monday. Here are some of the pictures. Here are Brenda, Thelma and Jill at the stove putting dye in the jars.

At the table chatting with each other -

Here you see Beth, Brenda and Traci - taking notes smiling about something. The next picture is of Judith, Jill and Naomi = Sorry I did'nt get a good picture of Thelma - I apoligize to you Thelma.

I have finished making the sampler for my "stitches" class on the 14th of February and my project for next week is to get all of the materials together. I am asking the class enrollees to bring their own materials but of course, I will also have some things that they can use. The sampler that we are going to do has a tree (greens) several sheep (white and black) a sun (yellow) sky (blue) grass (green) and a brick fence (reds). We also will need some miscellaneous colors for flowers. It is impossible to get this whole piece done is just 2 to 2-1/2 hours but we will do some of each stitch so we will be working all over the piece.
I have transferred the design for my sculpting workshop in March and will begin to work on that sampler tomorrow. Always so much to do and so little time.
I manage to keep busy and somewhat warm but how ready I am for spring. The yad is still frozen with ice everywhere. I feel so sorry for Eloise. She misses getting her exercise. She doesn't like to be cold and has been spending most of her days under the covers on my bed. There is a slight slope to our backyard which has proved to be a slippery slope for her - up two steps and back three. Just like a sliding board.
Time to fix dinner and get a few more things done today. I am looking forward to the super bowl - I have $1.00 bet with my neighbor - I won last year but know my good luck won't hold out since I have the underdog this year. Oh well, it's all in the game!
Drive carefully, love a lot, and hook, hook, hook.

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