Monday, February 23, 2009

Here is is the last Monday in February. A windy, blustery, cold day. Looking out of the window is very deceiving - it is cooolldddd.
Last Saturday, Richard and daugher Danyel arrived in spite of the cold to do some outside work. There has been a pile of tree and grass debris in my pasture for several years that has been "bugging" Richard - so the cleanup has begun. Actually, I couldn't believe my eyes when I looked at the south side of the property this morning - so much was done on Saturday - almost cleaned up. I still think Rich should have been a forest ranger - he loves to play in the dirt!

Happy but cold and dirty! The nice thing about grandchildren is sending them home to mother - but in this case - home to wife and mother!!!

This is the day of the month that the Cumberland Valley Hookers (Chambersburg) meet. I decided to stop at the Grant Street Wool Works first. I had asked Linda to prepare some burlap for a class I'm teaching in March and also had asked Pat to enlarge one of her patterns for me. The pattern is "PA German Parotts."

I'm really looking forward to starting this piece. I want to make the birds exotic! If you want to see more of Pat's patterns go to - you will enjoy what you see. I am ever amazed with what Linda is doing with her shop. She has added so much more wool - some really yummy pieces that make you want to hook, hook, hook.

Then on to the hook-in with the Cumberland Valley group. Today we had a birthday - there was cake and lots of other goodies as well as some pretty bad singing of Happy Birthday.

The birthday "girl" is in the red sweater.

Also in attendance were Marion, Joyce and Sandra. Marion is finishing up a charming pictorial piece of a rabbit with a backpack of eggs and the cutest yellow chick ever. Here she is discussing something with Joyce. Wish I had gotten a good picture of her pictorial.

The human heart lives in hope and mine is full of longing for spring. Enough of this cold weather. I hope by the time I am reaady to update my blog some tangible evidence of spring will show itself. Until then, be positive, love thy neighbor as thy self, and hook, hook, hook.


Kathy (woolfind) said...

good to see you today Doris! Love the pattern that Pat drew up for you. Looking forward to seeing what you do with it!
So nice to see that Pat started a blog. Will have to go check it out. Thanks for posting it!! Hope to see you again soon..

weaverpat said...

Hi Doris, Thanks for putting my design on your blog. You are way too kind! Wish I would have gotten to talk more to you. But you may e-mail me at any time at