Monday, October 3, 2011


On my last posting, I showed pictures of rugs being
worked on at the ATHA Mason/Dixon meeting.
These pictures continue with that meeting.

We are so lucky to belong to that group.  Among
our members are three wool vendors.  There
is always lots of heavenly pieces of wool to choose
from if you are in the market for wool  (and
who isn't?)

This is Barb looking over wool from one of the
vendors.  I think that is Bob with her.

 Look at this beautiful wool - all for sale.
 This is the table of another vendor.
It is so great to have these ladies come regularly
to the meetings.

The program for the last meeting was really interesting.
We divided into four groups and the groups
rotated every half hour to another station.  Four stations had been
set up.
 At this station Sharon is showing the ladies
how to crochet and edge on an oriental rug so that
fringe could be attached.
 This group is learning how to do
the herring bone stitch.
 This group is being shown how to frame
any size hooked piece.
This group is learning about prodding.

Now on to the DEAD BRAIN!
I have had a really busy week.  The only thing that
stayed home was my camera!!

On Wednesday evening I had a delightful time. 
My great grand-daughter invited me to
dinner with she, her sister and her
sister fiancee.  We had a wonderful time.
We went to the best steak house in Hagerstown
and had a great meal.  The nice thing about these
grands is that they enjoy my company.  For some reason,
who knows why, they think I am the font of all information
and seems to love my stories of life "in the dark ages."

On Friday I attended a social hook-in at
Barb's house.  It was a delightful day.  Everyone
was in such a good mood.  Rosalie was knitting,
Sandy was pinniung together a sweater that she had just knit
amd everyone else was hooking.
Some really nice pieces are being made in this group.

On Saturday I went to a meeting
of the Boonsboro ATHA group.  It was a cold, rainy day
and not a lot of members showed up.
It was the kind of day that you just wanted to stay in bed.
Programs for the future were discussed
and Elinor shared with us her beautiful
Quilts.  Her work is so beautiful, and she is very
prolific.  We were all thrilled by her presentation.

On Sunday, yes out again, much to Eloise's
displeasure - to a bridal shower at the Holiday Inn.
A very nice affair for my oldest great granddaughter,
She is being married on November 4th
at the Cortland Mansion in Hagerstown.

This is why I say I am brain dead.  All of these
nice things and no pictures!  Don;t know how I could have been 
so thoughtless!

Thought for the day . . .
Life can be complicated
but happiness is really pretty simple.
 Marianne Moore

Until next time
stay well, be happy an
tell your family that you love them.


Jacqueline said...

Whew, you are one busy and lucky Lady to have so many places that you want to go to...

moosecraft said...

What a great post! Beautiful wool and some great friends and family stories! Not to worry about the camera... we can read in your words what a beautiful and happy time you had!

weaverpat said...

I'm so pleased you are getting out and about and having so much fun, especially the time you spent with the great grand kids! It's nice to be appreciated as the font of amazing stories! LOL!!!
I like the idea of having the mini-workshops at the hook-in.
Your thought for the day is an excellent one!

Rugs and Pugs said...

Doris ~
You have been one busy gal! How nice to spend time with the great grands!!! That has to feel so good.
Those mini work stations at the hook in must have been great fun and a learning experience.
Hope to see you soon in Lancaster.
Pug hugs :)

Julia said...

Doris, what a fun gal you are. Who could keep up with you and still have a brain that could remember about such trivialities as a camera.

You do keep yourself young by being so interested in keeping busy doing the things you love and being in good company.

What a great idea to have those workshops to keep the interest at it's peak. I'm sorry that the cold damp weather kind of kept some away. Obviously, it takes more than cold damp weather to dampen your spirit.

Hook on girl. Hugs JB

Nettie said...

Hi Doris , You are one busy lady, I know I could not keep up with you.