Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Rugs, Rugs, Rugs . . . . . .

On Tuesday I went to the Mason/Dixon Chapter
of ATHA meeting.
They had a most interesting program
which I will tell you about in my next posting.
In the meantime, here are some of the rugs
at the meeting.
 This rug was a second place winner at the Maryland
State Fair and was hooked by
Barbara Twigg.
 This is another of Barb's rugs.  This one
is in porgress.  You could pick this fruit right off
of the backing.
 This adorable lamb is being hooked by
Pat A. for her daughter.  Love the background
 A closeup of this cutie's face.
Pat has some work to do on his scarf and
a good bit of background to finish.  I
believe she plans to make it into a pillow.
This rug was a blue ribbon winner at the
Maryland State fair.  It was hooked by the
Vice President of the chapter, Sharon Kollman.
The picture does not do it justice.  It
is a real beauty!

 Last but certainly not least, a Christmas Wall Hanging,
hooked by the late Ruth Dietzel.
This piece is a true work of art, with very subtle
shading and the technique of the master's

When I next post, I will tell you about the
program which was very interesting and a
clever idea.  I also have pictures of the

In the meantime, it continues to be cool here and
rainy.  This is great hooking weather.  I now have a
good book on DVD which I am sure will
expedite my hooking.  I have finished the lion and am
now working on the background.  I also am
collecting all sorts of green plaids and checks
for the leaf border.

Hope everyone is having as good a week as
I am having!  Keep those hooks in motion!



Julia said...

Wow Doris, all those rugs are all so beautiful. I especially love the fish one. Congratulations on finishing your lion rug. I'm still busy but I'm quilting on my poor forgotten quilt in my spare time at night.

It's getting cool here too and my husband is still cutting the second cut of hay and so far the weather has cooperated. The morning are so foggy though. It's great to hear that you are having a great week I hope that Eloise is as happy as you. Happy hooking. Hugs. JB

Rugs and Pugs said...

Doris ~
Thanks for sharing the gorgeous rugs!
Hugs to you and Eloise from me and that crazy Sweet Annie Bananie :)

Kim said...

Hi Doris,
Those are beautiful rugs. It has been great fallish weather here too. I'm making some progress on my rug also - it is great hooking weather. It could stay like this year round and I would be happy.