Saturday, October 22, 2011



Yes indeed, it surely was show time.
The Biennial held in Lancaster, Pa. this past week
was surely a winner.  Frankly, I have never seen so many people in a hotel lobby before.  Speaking of hotel's, The Eden is a beautiful place and we had wonderful accomodations.
The pictures for this blog posting are just to wet your appetite to see more.
 A few shots  of the shoppers - sorry they are fuzzy but
so many people all moving around.

Traci, Joan and Barb looking at wool in one of the booth's
 More talking about what wool to select - did Joan make up her mind?
 This hooked piece says it all.  Hooking is an art!

The following pictures are of some of my favorites in the show.
In another blog posting I will tell you more about our
activities but I wanted you to see some of the
hooked pieces first so that you can begin to enjoy the work.
This picture "stole the show" = it was beautifully hooked.

This closeup's of the man's face says it all - the hooking
was wonderful

 This piece was hooked by Joan Strausbugh (spelling)
I believe I have a better picture of this rug which I will post later.  My computer has a mind of it's own today.
 To me, this was one of the most spectacular pieces in the show.  The Lion's face was beautifully hooked and the mane was prodded!
Look at the beautiful colors in the mane.  The prodding was quite high and very nicely done.

I hope that this litte bit did wet your appetite.  I will be telling you more about out activities and showing more pictures.  According to my camera I took 75 pictures but I promise not to bore you will all of them.

I would like to acknowledge my friends that made it possible for me to attend the biennial. THANK YOU Sunny and Traci.  Eloise also thanks you!

Thought for the day
Beauty is not in the face.
Beauty is a light in the heart.
 Kahil Gibean



Courtney said...

This show looks amazing. I wish I was there! Thanks for sharing your favorites. I can't even imagine hooking such detail! What talent! Hope you're enjoying your time there!

Julia said...

Hi Doris, what a show indeed. I'm so glad that you were able to go with friends and only wish I could have gone. There's nothing like seeing rugs in person. A picture is nice but to be able to have a close look at it is supreme. Thanks for sharing your photos with us and a glimpse of what we've missed. Hugs. JB

Kim said...

Hi Doris, thanks for a peek at the show. I can't wait to see more. So glad you had the opportunity to go and hang out with all the fun hookers for awhile.

weaverpat said...

Please bore us with rugs!!!
I love seeing all the pictures of the event, seventy-five of them should keep us entertained for a few posts!
The rug of the man and lady is amazing! What ART!!!
Hope you and Eloise are resting up after all the activity.

moosecraft said...

Looks to be a spectacular show! So many gorgeous rugs! And booths and booths of lovely wool... :-)

Rugs and Pugs said...

Doris ~
The biennial was wonderful but one of the best parts was spending a little time with you!
Pug hugs :)