Tuesday, September 13, 2011

THE BIG DIG . . . .

When we moved into this house eight years
ago, at the end of our driveway was the ugliest shrub
I have ever seen.  It was some variety of Yew and had been
allowed to spread and obviously never been taken care of.
In addition, it was full of bag worms.
It had to go!!!
Richard and my daughter, Kris, worked at it for many hours and finally
got it out and the bag worms taken care of.
It was decided that a round flower bed at the end of the driveway would
be a nice addition to the yard.
For several years, we added to the garden and it
was a beautiful success.  Then as things change during
the years, other priorities took place of this garden
and it became a shambles.
It had to go!

 Here is Richard just starting.  He probably is
wondering how and where to start.  It was such a mess that
I felt ashamed for the people driving down our street.
 Over grown, full of weeds.  Sedum plants out of hand.
When they were planted, they were just twiggs.
At this point they are approximately 5 feet in diameter!
 Those tall "weeds" on the far right of the picture
are Stargazer Lilies.  Everything else seems to have turned to weeds.
 What a mess!
 Now all of the plants, having been dug up, reside in my
garage.  Lauren thinks her garage is a mess.
Mine looks like a jungle.
 A FEW Iris, Stargazer Lillies, Glads, Stella Doro Lillies
Firecracker bulbs, Daffy-dills, and about a dozen
other plants.
This is how it looks now.  The next job is to rake it out and
plant grass seed.  That is Richard's job when he returned from vacation.
In the meantime it is better than the jungle at the end of the drive.

Now my job is to divide all of the bulbs and
get then ready to be replanted.  Hopefully I can get
started to morrow - I anticipate that it will take
at least a week to sort, divide and clean all of these
bulbs.  Wish me luck with this project.

Thought for the day
Beauty is not in the face;
beauty is a light in the heart.
Kahil Gebran

I attended the Blue and Gray hook-in yesterday and have some pictures to show you later.  I hope everyone has a great week



weaverpat said...

That was indeed a job! And you still have a lot of sorting out to do. Good rainy day work.
I know they will look lovely when replanted elsewhere.

Kim said...

It feels great to get those types of chores done. If you are like me, you look at it complain about it longer than it takes to actually fix it. Lol
Next spring you will be so happy to have a nice new clean space to look at.

Julia said...

Dear Doris, I know only too well that a perennial garden is a lot more work than an annual flower bed because the plants grow so big and crowd everything and it's difficult to pull weeds without damaging the plants.

I have many flower beds that needs to be totally revamp and I it's a very big job that I never seem to have adequate time or the weather is not cooperating at the right moment.

It's good to have a man to do the heavy digging.

I wonder if Eloise is rolling in the freshly dug soil or maybe she's wishing she was allowed.

Next year your garden will all be fresh and pretty.
Hugs, JB

Rugs and Pugs said...

Doris ~
Oh my! You have your work cut out for you.
My garage is going from bad to worse as I try to clean and purge. Hopefully it will start to get better soon so that my little SUV will once again fit in :)
I look forward to seeing rug pictures.
Hugs to Eloise. Tell her I'm getting a new furbaby on Thursday.

Joanne said...

Guess it's good I don't have a garage! Wow that is sure a lot of work!