Monday, April 4, 2011


About 10 days ago I went to a hook-in of the social group that meets monthly in the homes of it's members. This past month Beth R. was the hostess. It was the first time I had been to her charming home. It is situated somewhat up South Mountain and the view from the dining room windows is awesome!

Barb, Jill and Beth -

Jill and Barb have just returned from their second

year of Teacher's training held at Cedar Lakes,

W. Va. Jill is treating us to a presentation

that she was required to give as part of her

training. It involves a geometric that she


Here she is showing us the geometric.

A close-up of the piece. This piece is hooked in secondary colors, green, purple and orange. The shades of the colors used makes all of the difference. To further complicate things, Jill had to use dip dyed mateials. I call this a job well done! The ribbons twinning thru the geo are wonderful. Here is Barb working on a rose - one of her workshop projects. Joan is working on a wide cut oriental. She had taken a workshop in this facet of hooking the week before and is well along on this rug. It was a cool day and we all appreciated the warmth and the glow of the fireplace.
The following rugs were hooked by Beth and

adorn her home. This rug is mounted over

the fireplace.

I believe this rug was on the floor in front

of the fireplace.
This rug was hanging on the wall. I could not

photograph all of the rugs in this lovely

home but believe me when I say they were

all well done and interesting.

In addition to hooking, we had a lovely luncheon. It is always nice to have friends to hook with. The companionship and the wealth of shared knowledge is priceless.


I do think that spring has finally arrived. I have jonquils and and some miscellaneous bulbs blooming and I am beginning to give some thought to how the yard looks and what needs to be done. Looks like it's time to mulch, mulch and more mulch.


I am working again on my pictorial and I hope by the next posting I will be able to show some pictures. Until then keep the hooks moving and do enjoy the spring.



Orange Sink said...

Jill's geometric rug is awesome! Wow!
Cathy G

Joanne said...

Wow is right on the geometric - the shadings are perfect. Wonderful to have such a nice place to sit and hook and with such talented ladies

Orange Sink said...

Hi Doris,
I just adjusted the type on my blog to a little bit bigger. Check it out and see if that's better. It is a funky type of type I know. I want you to be able to read all the important stuff I'm saying and not miss a word dear friend!!! LOL!
Cathy G

moosecraft said...

That geometric is amazing! The shading is so perfect it looks to pop right off the computer screen!

Rugs and Pugs said...

Doris ~
Thanks so much for sharing. What a talented group of hookers! That geometric is stunning. Something I would never attempt.
I'm looking forward to seeing the progress on the pictorial.
Give Eloise a smooch from Peanut.
Pug hugs :)

Julia said...

Wow, this geometric rug is awesome. It looks like a painting and the shading blows my mind. Thanks for sharing this with us. Keep up the great posts. JB

Kathy (woolfind) said...

Looked like a very lovely home. Love the Geometric. She did a beautiful job. It looked like a very nice time to be with hooking friends. Thanks for posting.