Saturday, April 30, 2011


Yes, indeed, I awakened at 4am and put on my newest Mickey Mouse T-shirt, my dark green bath robe, without matching shoes (didn't paint my toenails) and attended "The Wedding!" I knew it was formal and did the best I could. I must say that both the bride and bridegroom looked wonderful. Her dress was simply elegent. The most beautiful grown I have seen in years. But Oh those hats!!!!! Have you ever seen anything like them before? Cocked over one ear or purchased on the back of the head and hanging precariously. After seeing that style, I have decided that I will stay with WalMart for this seasons headgear.


In the meantime, I have had a busy two weeks. I often don't update my blog for I feel that I nothing to say. Several Friday's ago I attended a hook-in at my friend Barb's house. This is a social group, friends living in the tri-state area that try to get together once a month to hook, exchange ideas, and eat the wonderful goodies we all contribute.
This is Barb's rose project. She is working for her teaching certificate from the McGown Guild and this is one of her homework assignments. It's really lovely.

Tracie has laid her table runner out on the floor to see how it is coming along. This is a long, narrow piece that is really lovely. The colors are soft and antique looking.

And here is the runner! She started this piece in a Cynthia Norwood workshop held last November and is doing a wonderful job on the piece.

This piece is being done by Jill. She also started this in the Cynthia Norwood class. It is jill's first experience using a wide cut. She is doing a really nice job of this with soft coloring.

This is our friend Linda working on her snowmen bodies. She is starting early to make a number of Christmas ornaments. My oh my, to be so organized!

This is our Jill working on her piece. She will be leaving us in June and going to live in Japan for 2 years due to her husbands new job. We will sorely miss her - she is a wonderful member of our group.


I also attended the Cumberland Valley hookers this past Monday. It is the first time I have been to this group in several months due to my illness. I was very glad to see everyone again and I am afraid that I didn't get much work done - to busy talking! I know that Pat (Hook,Hand and Heart blog) has already posted pictures of this event but I have a few different ones.

Here is Ann working on her large Pansy. I think this will be a seat cushion or a mat when she is finished. It is a beauty.

One of the ladies is working on a checker board. Sorry I can't remember whose piece this is.


On Tuesday last week I taught my regular Tuesday class. Ellen is back home from Texas and we were all glad to see her. She had "show and tell" of the pieces that she worked on when she was away. She attended some classes with a teacher living nearby and had a number of things to share with us. Also Elinor had attended a Pam Bartlett workshop and had things to share with us as well as the project she worked on in the workshop. All in all a good day and a good lesson session.


On Wednesday I attended my Pearl McGown Guild Chapter meeting. These are my oldest hooking buddies and I really enjoy this small group. Our numbers have dwindled over the years due to moves and deaths as we all get older however, we are all avid hookers and many of the ladies have there work shown consistently in Celebrations. This is the group that gives me inspiration and helps me to keep hooking even when my hands say "no more."


In the mean time spring has arrived. What a wonderful time of year, however we also have had terrible rain storms and high winds.

In spite of it all the bulb garden that we planted around "Mr. Tree" last year has bloomed and looked lovely. A sure harbinger that summer is on the way.

And the Magnolia tree was lovely this year. Blessed with more blooms than ever until the last rain and wind storm. When I sit to the computer and look out the window this tree is in my line of sight. What a lovely view.


I hope all of you are having a wonderful weekend. Richard is here and I hear the lawn mower going full force. Time to sign off until next time and get a bit of year work underway.



moosecraft said...

I'm with you on the hat subject! I thought they were rather "Dr. Suess-ish" lol! But, I really did LOVE Kate's gown! Very elegant! All these rugs are coming along nicely!I sure am glad Spring is here!

Kim said...

Yes, the wedding was lovely. I got up and watched it until I had to go to work. But the hats.....dear heavens.....what were Beatrice and Eugenie thinking?? LOL
I used my crack this afternoon. Its awesome. Our handyman was here so I told him the next time he went to the Building Supply store to grab me some.

Julia said...

What a sport to get up early to watch the Royal Wedding. I was not in the mood for pomp and circumstance but I saw many clips on the news and on the web. She is a lovely girl and I hope that she will be a blessing in William 's life and the royal family too.

It's about time that they start to bring some new blood in the royal family.

I'm always inspired by your zest for life and I love seeing what you're up to. The rugs being worked on are always wonderful.

Your daffodils and Magnolia blossoms are lovely. Our grass is not high enough to cut yet but some of my daffodils are open and some more are almost open and the same with the early tulips. I hope that we don't get much rain on account of danger for flood in our area.

Take care and have a wonderful week. PS, I haven't gotten around to make my sourdough starter yet, but soon I hope.


Rugs and Pugs said...

Doris ~
What a wonderful post! I can't believe how many hooking groups you belong to. The rug photos are so inspiring. What are you working on?
I saw some of the hats on the internet. Maybe it's a British thing. I'm with Kim on the Beatrice and Eugenie headgear. As my grandson would say, they were "laughing out funny"!
Pug hugs :)
Lauren (still pug-less)

Joanne said...

Some of those hats I saw on the 'net were crazy! Thanks for sharing all the photo's - just love looking into others hooking groups and projects!

Nettie said...

Hi Doris... The wedding was lovely. I watched Charles and Diana so of course I had to watch William and Kate... Subject of the hats I feel was a little overdone... But I really enjoyed the wedding... Everyone's rug is looking great.... Your daffodils and magnolias are beautiful.
Have a great weekend!