Friday, April 15, 2011


Yep! it's my birthday. I was born on April 15, 1999. I'm twelve (12) years old today. I cannot believe it. I don't know where the time went. I was born on a farm where the owners both worked full time away from the farm, raised cats as well as Jack Russell Terriers, and left us to our own devices every day. The only other pup in my litter was a boy! He was much bigger than me and managed to get all of the food. Boy, oh boy, I was very skinny and as they say, high on my legs. My mom thought I was the ugliest puppy she had ever seen. When her daughter, Kristen, brought me home, she couldn't believe what a mess I was.

Look at me now - I'm beautiful. I used to have to steal any food that I got. But when I went to live with the Aymar' even tho they had Molly, Lucy, and Beau, we all had separate bowls and I got plenty to eat. I did keep stealing my own food for a long time but I am over that foolishness now. I haven't posted for a long time because my life has been very placid. No illnesses, no strange critters in my play yard. We did have some snow this winter but not as much as last year. It did seem colder to me this winter and everyone but me had a cold.
Here I am sitting on the deck steps in the snow watching the birds. I sometimes try to catch them by leaping up in the air but they are very quick to take flight.
Last week mom and I were out on the deck and this is what we saw in our pasture. The whole herd had come to munch on our newly growing grass.
There are 12 deer in this herd. We see them often. I am so good when they are in the pasture. I never bark or try to scare them away - they are so big compared to me!
I am patiently waiting at the back storm door for mom to let me in. It has been warm enough this past week for her to leave the kitchen door open and I can smell what she is cooking. Boy, oh boy, she cooks chicken, and other goodies for me. The Vet says that for my age I am really in good shape. It's true that my girlish figure has gotten a little "bulgie" here and there, no ribs showing on me, but the vet says that my diet is a good one and I agree with him. It tastes really good to me.
This is my "poor dog" look. It is the one I use when mom puts her shoes on. In the house she wears slippers and I know that when the shoes go on she is going to leave me. I have perfected this look and it gets her every time.
I know you have seen this picture before. I hope you don't mind that I am posting it again. I am still up to my old tricks, trying to give mom a laugh every day. Ths crazy picture is one of her favorites so I thought on my birthday I would make her laugh again by showing it.


In closing this post, I want to say a special hello to all of my friends in blog land, Eema, Peanut, Loocie, and of course, Miss Millie. I hope all of you are well, appreciating the good life, and keeping the barks and laughs coming. Until next time . . . . . . . .



Joanne said...

Happy Barfday to you Eloise! Love from your buddies Riley and Jonsey

moosecraft said...

Yippy barkday to yoooooooooooooo! You're a cute as a button!

weaverpat said...

Hey, Eloise! Happy Birthday!!!
We may be cats, but we still like to listen while Mom reads your posts and shows the pictures.
How lucky you are to have yhose big interesting animals in your meadow. They look kind of scary!!!
Hope you got many doggie treats to celebrate!
Deiter, Reggie, Tipper,Penny and Izzy
Mom Pat says 'HI' too!

Julia said...

Oh Eloise, you stole my heart today with your post. HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU

Eloise, you better count those deers again. I made the picture bigger and I counted 13 deers in your backyard. I hope that the chicken is for you. Hugs. JB

Orange Sink said...

Hope your birthday is filled with lots of pets and hugs from your Mom Eloise! You have that poor doggy look down perfect!
Happy Birthday too from Smokey and Max!
Cathy G

Courtney said...

Happy Birthday darling. My 12 year old dog Gus would like to wish you many happy returns of the day! He admires your restraint in the food department...he has put on a few pounds, but hopes to lose some this spring walking with his "Mom".
Dog hugs and wags to you,
Courtney and Gus

Kim said...

Happy Birthday Eloise. You share a birthday with my Grandma Audrey. Mom and Grandma left me tonight and went to a restaurant. I was sad when they put on their shoes too!
I'm very proud of you not barking at the deer. I like to make enough noise so they know I mean business. Mom says its bad but I do it anyway :)
Love Millie

Joanne said...

Oh dear - I meant to write "Barkday" - sorry Eloise - Mom hasn't shown us how to use the spellcheck button yet. Riley and Jonesy - Whisker rubs!

Rugs and Pugs said...

Dearest Eloise ~
You sure turned out to be a beautiful girl!!! Happy, happy birthday and many, many more.
How kind of you to send your best to Eema, Peanut, Loocie and Millie.
Pug hugs :)
P.S. How funny. My word verification is pawsmani (kind of like many paws!).

Julia said...

Thanks Doris for leaving such a nice comment on my blog. Coming from a teacher like you means a lot to me.
I hope that your weather is nicer than our today and all is well with you.

I saw the devastation in Carolina and was just so sorry for those poor people who lost lives and others , everything but the cloths on their back. I didn't see if it was North or South Carolina.

Tamera @ the Stone Fence Cottage said...

Happy birthday to you Ms. Eloise!!!

from Billy & KaeKae the chihuahua's and their mom~~

Julia said...

Hi Doris, thanks for your comment on my frame cover. I'm so glad that I made it. It was a joy hooking the kitty without scratching myself.

I threw my sourdough starter down the drain. I'll wait until after Easter when things slows down a bit to start another batch. I hope it warms up. We are expecting snow tomorrow. Have a good Holy Week. JB

Nettie said...

Hi Doris Happy Easter! to you and your family....and thank for your comment on my blog was to hear from you..