Monday, December 20, 2010

A short history to introduce you to
my treasure chest. It is my theory
that every girl needs a treasure chest.
I was born and raised in the city
of Washington, D. C. This was
during the time when it was fashionable
for gentlemen to smoke Cuban cigars
and ladies to use long cigarette holders.
My how times have changed!
My father owned and operated
a tobacco shop in downtown
Washington and I often visited with
him after school. At that time
Cuban cigars came packaged in beautiful
mahagony boxes with inlaid tops.
This is the one he gave me for
my treasure box. I think I got this when I
was about 8 years old. I often think
of this box and its contents as to this
day it resides in my bedroom.
The original treasures in this box
were my favorite paper doll and all
of her clothes, my best marble, an "aggie"
of course, and my most precious
- my Wheaties box top
decoder ring!
My ideas of treasures have changed
over the years but these are
cherished memories.
I have a new treasure box!
My friend Barb gave me this beautiful
box for Christmas. It came
filled with cookies which I have
transferred to a tin to keep fresh and
this box is now on my dresser as a
companion to the cigar box.
My treasures have changed but
the memories are as near and dear to
me as any memories could be.

This old leather fold up purse is now

in my treasure box. It was always

carried by my mother.

It contains several silver dollars which I

am sure that many of you have never seen.

Her theory was that if she carried them

with her always she would never want.

They were passed to me upon her


This beautiful porcelain box was given to

me by my husband on our 58th anniversary.

It is to large to put in my treasure box

but it contained a note.

This note is now in my treasure box.

A favorite cameo bracelet that I wore
on a special occasion with special
memories - now in the box.

My mothers charm bracelet that holds
the gold coins that my father refused to
return to the government. Telling my mother
that if the economy failed under
Mr. Roosevelt he would still be able
to be groceries for the family. I am now
ready to pass this along to my
Last but not least by any means. Sorry I
have no picture. A note written on
a sheet of notebook paper, written by
a young child that reads as follows:
Dear Tooth Fairy,
I put my tooth under my pillow
wrapped in a kleenex,
Please leave me a dime or a
quarter. Best of luck
to you.
Unsigned -
I have been unable to decide which of my two girls wrote this note but
needless to say it the most precious possession in my treasure box. This is the most nostalgic time of year for me. I know how lucky I am to have the family that I do but Oh, how I miss those that are no longer here. I hope that each of you will take the time to remember your loved ones at this time of year.
The shopping is finished, most of the cooking is done, just a few more dishes to prepare on Christmas eve and of course the Turkey and roast to cook on Christmas day. A quick vacuum through the house, a bit of a pick up and I am as ready as I ever will be for the big day.
Merry Christmas and a happy and healthy New Year to all.
Doris and Eloise


Kim said...

I loved hearing the stories behind all your treasures. I may have even felt a tear or two. What wonderful memories and someday your daughter will tell the next generation what all those special items mean.
I hope you have a wonderful holiday surrounding by loved ones.
Kim (and Millie)

weaverpat said...

Oh, Doris, what a lovely post! I love the way the treasures change over the years but the childhood ones are still kept in our hearts.
Glad you have the Christmas preparations under control. Being able to have a little 'breathing time' right before all the excitement is a good thing. Hope Eloise's leg is feeling better.
Merry Christmas to both of you!

Julia said...

I love you treasure box story Doris. Sorry that I haven't been around but I have been quite busy these days. I hope that you have a Blessed Christmas, Good Health, Peace, Joy, Hope and Contentment in the New Year. Hugs, Julia

Kathy (woolfind) said...

Sweet post Doris.. great stories to go with your treasures.
I think all of us have a little box that holds what we hold close to our hearts.
It is hard at this time of year without our loved ones. I'm missing my mil of course. But I know she would not want us to dwell on it, so I try not to. She would have some harsh words for me if I did lol. So good memories will be shared all this week of the Christmas days that we have shared in the past.
Hope you get to relax a bit soon..

Joanne said...

Doris - thanks for the trip down treasure lane - loved reading about them. Merry Christmas to you and Eloise

Rugs and Pugs said...

Doris ~
What a beautiful post. Thank you so much for sharing it with us.
Merry Christmas to you and your loved ones. Give Eloise a great bit 'ole pug hug.