Tuesday, December 14, 2010

On Monday I had planned to attend the meeting of the Blue and Gray hooking froup in Gettysburg, however, the meeting was called off due to the uncertain weather forcast. It was a real disappointment to many of us but we will have our Christmas celebration in January so all is not lost.
I could not afford to waste the day so the Christmas preparations continued:
I made spiced nuts to give as gifts. I had
not made this receipt for some years and had
forgotten just how good it was. Of course, I had
to taste to make sure it was right!
Then on to a dessert for Christmas day.
Chocolate cupcakes for all of the chocolate
lovers in the family. My house is very small
so I like to serve buffet style and have everyone
help themselves. That also gives me a
chance to circulate and talk with everyone.
I admit, I am bored with this whole thing.
Nothing in the pot for me yet. Geesh, I
live here too. You would think that a girl with
a bumb leg would get some attention. No,
just a lot of food going on in the kitchen.

Ooops! I underestimated the food preparation.
This is a crock pot full of chicken gizzards and
thigh pieces cooking for ME!

Well, she is still working on Christmas stuff.
On the cooling rack are the spinich balls. I
made 60 of these last week and they are almost
all gone - so another 60 - requested by
friends. Also a great receipe for a
small gift for friends that request them.

And I always find myself with this!

I am planning to serve a pork loin roast as
well as a turkey for Christmas dinner. So
another make ahead dish in the freezer.
This is the raisin sauce for the roast.
It is yummy and goes over any type
of pork.

I have lots of tools in my kitchen but
not many "gadgets." However, I love this gadget.
It is a digital therometer that has never
let me down. Several weeks ago I bought
prepacked half turkey breast (boned)
thinking that if it roasted nicely I could purchase
several of those to supplement
the roasted turkey. It roasted beautifully
and Eloise and I have been having
it for our dinner the last several nights.

When I cook chicken for Eloise I skin it so
that she doesn't get to much fat in her
diet, as well as remove all of the fat
that I can. I freeze this until I get enough
to render. I was surprised one afternoon
when listening to Jacque Pepin's cooking
show to hear him say that rendering
chicken fat was a French way of doing
things. It was something that my mother
mother always did. I just thought it
was a "waste not, want not" thing. I do
know that until you have tasted an
egg fried in chicken fat you have not
had the full delight of a fried egg!
After the fat is rendered it is liquid gold!
I use it to make liver pate' one of my
special holiday dishes. This is not a make
ahead dish but I will wait until
Christmas eve to prepare it.

No matter what I do in the kitchen
it always ends up this way!!

When I see that many dirty dishes I
just get into my usual position in the
bed. Especially the last few days because
It is soooooooo cold.
Hope everyone is having fun decorating and cooking for Christmas. I love this time of year and seem to spend most of it in the kitchen. It is so much fun to pull out the receipe's that are special for this time of year. Next thing on my agenda is to try Pamela's gingerbread. I had forgotten how much my girls loved gingerbread and lemon sauce when they were little. Guess I will look up the old receipt and compare it with Pamela's and probably try both.
Our weather is miserably cold and condusive to staying indoors, a perfect excuse to be in the kitchen. Take care of yourselves - stay safe.


Rugs and Pugs said...

Doris ~
I think I've gained two pounds just reading about all the food you are preparing for Christmas. You must love to cook!
Oh, give Eloise a big hug and smooch from me. She is just too darned cute.
Hugs :)

Kim said...

Doris, Since reading your post all I want to do is eat! I have never heard of spinach balls before but they look interesting. And now I want a fried egg in chicken fat!

Orange Sink said...

Wow Doris! I think you need a little break from all that cooking! It's good you enjoy it. Everything looks delicious ( except the chicken fat LOL).
Later on when you have time would you care to share the spinach ball recipe? They look very inviting and interesting!
Eloise looks like she knows how to stay warm and snuggly in this cold weather!
Hugs to you both!
Cathy g

Kathy (woolfind) said...

Nice job on planning ahead, so when the day comes, you can relax Doris. All that cooking must have kept your house nice and warm.
maybe see you on Thursday for the party? Stay warm.

Joanne said...

Wow Doris - you have been busy! Like Kathy says - how nice to prepare ahead and then you can relax and enjoy the family!

Love that Eloise - she's such a pip!

Vicki said...

Hi Doris....My on all of the cooking! Makes me look bad! ha! Love your blog and the dog is too cute...Blessing to you and yru family...Merry Christmas!