Thursday, December 9, 2010

It all started las Friday. My friend Traci was here and on the
spur of the moment I suggested that we go
to the Red Lobster for lunch and a little shopping.
That took care of the rest of Friday.
Saturday morning I had the meeting of the ATHA
chapter in Boonsboro and the on to meet
Richard at the mall to choose a Christmas tree.
That took all of Saturday. On Sunday after the morning
duties were finished, I worked on some handmade
Christmas present that I should have started
in August.
Monday I left home at 9:30 and shopped all
day until time to come home and feed
Tuesday I had a class to teach (morning gone)
and then into Boonsboro to pick up prescriptions
and a little shopping at the dollar store.
Wendesday was the luncheon and gift exchange
of my Pearl McGown Chapter hooking group.
This was near Ellicott City so of course, took
the whole day.
When I got up this morning my legs told me
that if I planned to go out today, they were
staying home and I would be without them
for the rest of the holiday. Also, it was fiercely
cold. It was time for a TIME OUT!
So the first order of business was to start
the wood stove. Coffee in front of the stove, dressed
warmly, a real treat.
Then I looked around - Oh my, Oh my -
Clothes hung over a chair

Pile of diry clothes on a small table in the

Overflowing hamper

Sink full of dirty dishes

Trash overflowing.
Time for a whole day of TIME OUT!!!
Now it is about 5 in the evening and the mess is
all cleaned up and a few more things are fixed
for Christmas. In addition to cleaning the above mess
I have made 2 quarts of plain turkey gravy and
2 quarts of giblet gravy.

I have arranged my "Snow People" collection with
a center piece made of styrofoan and covered
with antique ornaments

These cuties sit on the edge of the table

I had decorated the tree last Sunday afternoon.
If you look closely you will see that the top
portion has no ornaments. I am not tall enough
to hang them and have to wait for Richard
to do that.

Close up of some of the ornaments.

My kitchen and dining area are all in one and I
have hung cute decorations on every door handle
in the kitchen area. It is really festive looking.

Most of the ornaments on the kitchen cabinets
are handmade either by me or by friends and
given as presents in past years.
I have fixed this arrangement to be used as a
center piece for the Christmas dining table. The
ornaments are all antique and very fragile so
no longer go on the tree.

They really look beautiful in these glass
candle holders.

The front door arrangement has been hung.

As well as the back door. I do not know why
but in the country everyone seems to come in
the back door. Have you noticed that?
And of course, my ever present helper. Under the
covers as usual on a cold, cold day. Just this little
foot and leg sticking out. I love her crazy poses under
the covers. She gives me a smile every day.
Hope each of you has caught the spirit of the season and is having a great time getting ready for the big day. I still have much to do but am looking forward to the family gathering. Take care of yourselves, keep warm, and above all, drive carefully in this busy season of the year.


weaverpat said...

Doris, you have been a busy lady! No wonder that your legs are begging for a rest.
But you get more done in your "Time Out' than I get done when I'm really working!!! LOL!

Your decorations are looking very festive. Love the antique ornaments.
Dear little Eloise looks nice and warm snuggled under the covers. She has the right idea!

Orange Sink said...

Hi Doris,
Even your messes look so tidy! LOL Hope you have a wonderful holiday with your family and give Eloise a special hug from Smokey and Max. They were out playing and running today with Dave in the snow!
Love those antique decorations!
Happy Holidays!
Cathy G

Rugs and Pugs said...

Doris ~
Oh, my, have you accomplished a lot! Makes me tired just reading about it.
I love your comment about having to wait for Richard to decorate the top of the tree. Please don't try doing it yourself on a chair or ladder.
I LOVE the antiques ornaments in the glass candle holders!!!
Give Eloise a special hug from the crazy pug lady in Ohio.
Hugs :)

Julia said...

Oh Doris, you are such a classy lady. I agree. even your mess looks tidy. I love you cute little snowmen collection. Your house looks warm and inviting with all the decorations. I love how you used the antique decorations in the glass candle older.

Eloise is giving you a hint to take it easy. Hope your legs will get some rest. Stay warm and safe.
Hugs JB

moosecraft said...

What a whirlwind you are! So much accomplished and beautifully decorated! I love those 3 snow guys that hang their legs over the table's edge! Very unique! Now, sit back , relax and enjoy this festive season!

Joanne said...

Wow busy woman! I have to agree with Pat you get more done on your time out than I! I need an "organization" day but right now I'm living in disorganization trying to get things done!

Have a great week!

Kim said...

I hope that after all that activity, you and Eloise are cuddled up by the toasty wood stove and enjoying a little down time.

Pamela Terry and Edward said...

Oh, that foot sticking out of the covers!