Monday, November 15, 2010

I spent three wonderful days last week taking a rug hooking
workshop with Cynthia Norwood. The workshop was
held in Sharpsburg, Md. overlooking the Antietam
Battlefield. A more picturesque place for a workshop would be hard
to find. This is just fifteen minutes from my home.
As I was driving home on Saturday evening after the workshop
this was the most beautiful sunset.
Just right for reflecting on the three day event.
Here is Cynthia showing the class a hooking technique.
She is looking wonderful and seems to be
greatly recovered from her recent illness. We were so
grateful to have her and in good health!

Needless to say the class was full. This is an overall
view of part of the class room.

This rug is called Kris Kringle and is a Barb Carroll Design.
This piece was hooked by Cynthia and was on the
cover of the ATHA magazine some months ago. She brought
it so that we could all see the different between a picture and
the real thing. There is a great difference.

Another small piece hooked by Cynthia
with another lesson to be learned by all of us.

As I am sure you are aware, all hookers EAT.
Since the class began at 2pm on Thursday and lasted
until 9 that evening we had a pot luck dinner.
This is just part of the food brought in. All of it delicious.
I do not show it here but there was another table
containing all desserts! Calories galore!!!

Another overall view. I never saw so many hookers
intent on their work. I have attended many camps and
workshops in my years of hooking but I have
never seen such attention and concentration in a
class before. We all had the feeling that this might
be our last chance to work with Cynthia since she is
considering retiring to spend more time with her husband.

A lunch time break. We did take breaks from the
long sit. The workshop was held in the meeting room of
the city hall building. It is most kind of the city fathers to
let us use this room. It is spacious and well lighted with
lots of windows and very comfortable upholstered chairs.
Cynthia working on a rug that she brought to show us.
This rug has a very high chroma and for a primitive
rug is a bit "out of the box." The lesson here was the
clever way that the hooker had balanced the
All in all, I would say that this probably was the best workshop that I have attended in the last 10 years. It was my third experience in working with Cynthia and I must say that I learn something new each time. I have many pictures of the beautiful color plans and the rugs being worked on in this workshop so I will call this part one of the workshop. My next entry on the blog will be pictures of all of the rugs and their beautiful color plans.
Stay tuned for the next chapter in this wonderful experience.


weaverpat said...

Doris, I am so envious! What a great workshop!!!
Everyone seems to be concentrating so diligently on their rugs.
I'm so glad you had a good time!
Can't wait for the next post!

Joanne said...

Wow - big turnout and looks like a great class! Lucky you

Rugs and Pugs said...

Oh, Doris. You are so lucky!!! I would absolutely LOVE to take a workshop with Cynthia. I devoured her book when it came out.
I look forward to seeing LOTS more.
Hugs to Eloise :)

moosecraft said...

I am waiting for the next chapter!!! Ever since I read Cynthia's book on Primitive Look in Hooked Rugs.... I have been a huge fan of her and her techniques. Lucky you to be able to take a class from her and experience this in person!

Gayle said...

I would love to see a clearer picture of the star rug that Cynthia was binding - it looks awesome. Thanks for sharing all the pictures - I know it's a lot of work to take and upload them all, but it sure makes for appreciative blog readers!